Stray’s strange language has been decrypted and allows you to read other messages in the game


A user has discovered which letter of the alphabet corresponds to each of the symbols we see.

Stray has been a protagonist for a few days for many PC and PlayStation players who have turned the title developed by BlueTwelve Studio in one of the most successful of those published by Annapurna Interactive But did you know that he still keeps secrets?

One of them was the reference to the invented language used by the robots that we meet in the adventure. And we say “was” because it’s no longer a mystery: HalfClassGaming user Josh Wirtanen has managed decrypt stray code language and has published a guide to be able to do it.

Imagen: HalfClassGamingImagen: HalfClassGaming

substitution cipher is usedAs you can see in the image that we leave you on these lines, each symbol corresponds to a letter of the alphabet (with two variants for the letter P), and he knows that thanks to the substitution cipher that is used to encrypt the text, having used the title of each episode of the game (which is translated with a subtitle) and other elements like the scores found throughout the adventure.

This feat allows read some game messages that until then seemed to say nothing in posters, newspapers or television channels. For example, in the image that we leave you here below we see a newspaper headline that says “Droids News” (“News for droids”) if we translate it.

Imagen: HalfClassGamingImagen: HalfClassGaming

The title developed by BlueTwelve is one of the best rated this year. Users have already put it through the roof in Steam ratings, but there is also a consensus in the press that this is a fresh and ideal title for those who want to immerse themselves in a cat adventure.

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