Stream our PC games on any screen at home: this is Alienware’s Concept Nyx proposal


We are in the CES season, which means that during these days we will learn about multiple concepts from the companies that participate in the technology fair that is held every year in Las Vegas. This time we talk about Alienware, who come back to offer us an interesting game streaming system through a local server.

‘Concept Nyx’ comes with the intention of using a single system to stream video games on any of the screens we have at home. The idea is to share the power of a local server to do it. From Alienware they even imagine situations in which several games can be run at the same time on the same screen.

Two games at the same time and on the same screen? Ear cooker

It would not matter from where we acquired the games, as they will all be collected in Alienware’s own software ready to run. During the demonstration at CES 2022, Alienware allowed Rocket League and Cyberpunk 2077 to be played on the same screen, dividing the panel equally.

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From Alienware they intend to make their system as easy as streaming music or video, with a concept that reminds us a lot of services such as Plex. The firm imagines a future in which only one piece of hardware has to be purchased to share its power through the multiple screens of our house.

Still we don’t know if Alienware will develop its own hardware for it, nor what this service will cost. But it is clear that, if this concept advances, running multiple games at the same time on a single system and playing them via streaming on multiple screens will affect our pocketbook.

It is not the first time that the firm has presented at CES with a novel concept. At CES 2020, his ‘Concept UFO’, a PC in the form of Nintendo Switch, very similar to what Valve offers with its Steam Deck, had a lot of prominence. It is clear that the world of videogames is in the middle of a new change, and it is these types of projects that attest to this.


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