Street Fighter 5: Everything Comes to Us with the Spring Update


Capcom has revealed the plans it has for Street Fighter V, including details on the three new characters joining the roster in the months ahead.

The last fighter, Dan, was added in February and the next will be Rose, which was announced during the game’s winter update. Rose, a fortune teller with spiritual powers, will be released on April 19 with a set of moves that will “change the future of Street Fighter V.”

Some of those moves include his V-SkillI, Fortune of the Soul (which allows him to use a tarot card to recover or capture the enemy) and his V-Skill II, Satellite of the Soul, which returns from Street Fighter IV.

“When activated, Rose summons an orb that revolves around her” they said in the blog of the spring update on PlayStation). “If we use the V-Skill again, we summon a second orb. Each one can do different types of damage. Using that V-Skill we are going to add constant pressure to the opponents.”

Oro, the “wandering hermit”, joins the roster after Rose. Last seen in Street Fighter III, it doesn’t have a release date yet, but Capcom has said they will add it to the game in the summer. It also comes with a number of classic moves from Street Fighter III plus some new ones.

“He even maintains his armed combat style. However, unlike Street Fighter III, we will see that he has a pet turtle during combat.”

Street Fighter V Season 5 Passes, Photo Credit: Street Fighter V, Capcom

Stay tuned because after this there will not be much left for them to announce something new … and we refer to the sixth installment.

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