Street Fighter 6, the desired icing for the celebrations of the 35th anniversary of Street Fighter


It’s a year of celebration for wrestling lovers! The genre that put one-on-one battles on the map turns 35 and big things are expected for Street Fighter in the next twelve months. That we will have? We review other anniversaries of the saga and speculate on what the celebration can give of itself. Fight!

Legends of the Final Fantasy, Shinobi, Contra, After Burner, Punch-Out!, R-Type or Double Dragon categories will reach the not inconsiderable figure of 35 years in 2021. 1987 was an amazing year for the video game industry, but there are few sagas mentioned that continue to accompany us today, which gives greater value to the celebrations of the survivors. There is an exceptional guest at the 2021 ephemeris ball: we talk about street fighter. Capcom has started the year remembering the festivities that will mark its calendar in the next twelve months, and although nothing has yet been finalized regarding the plans of those from Osaka, there are good reasons to think that we are facing something big.

The clues are evident, and although it seems that Ómicron has screwed up part of the festive plans planned for February, it does not mean that the clues are still there and that sooner rather than later we will know the news that all Street Fighter fans expect: street fighter 6 announcement and, perhaps, the possibility of playing it before the end of 2022. The positioning of the game on the off-ramp before Project L of Riot Games should be an important asset in the success strategy of the Capcom project, and although the game from the creators of League of Legends is in no hurry to launch, the time that Ryu beats Jinx and company, if it is seasoned with the expected quality, it will be valuable.

What do we expect from 35th anniversary of Street Fighter? How did Capcom celebrate other important dates for the franchise? What has been announced so far? We review it in a nostalgic walk through other birthdays and the clues we have of the next steps to take. Prepare your arcade stick and your Sanwa pieces:º you will need them in the coming months.

Previous Street Fighter Birthdays

Street Fighter 6, the desired icing for the celebrations of the 35th anniversary of Street Fighter

Anniversaries in the world of videogames are almost always celebrated in the same way: compilations, merchandising and moments of encapsulated nostalgia in books, reports and interviews with its most legendary creators. Has it been different with Street Fighter? The particularity of the Capcom license with respect to other companies or franchises lies in the turmoil of his existence: constant highs and lows that have made the indicated dates more celebratory and in other cases almost tiptoeing among the fans. I would dare to say that the 35th anniversary passes through a time of prosperity and hunger, with the Street Fighter 5 competition better than ever and eager to see what comes in the future. However, let’s review what happened in previous years.

The saga was completely abandoned and reviled by CapcomBut as incredible as it sounds, the first half of the 2000 saga was completely abandoned and reviled by Capcom. Those were such turbulent years for Street Fighter and with no projects on the horizon that the 15th anniversary celebrations didn’t even take place in the creature’s fifteenth year: they were held in its 17th year of life, in 2004. The reason? It’s never been entirely clear, but virtually all of the exclusive products that commemorated the (then not very marked) date were released in the framework of 2004. The Street Fighter Anniversary was released with the animated film, the brilliant Street Fighter 3: Third Strike and a Hyper Street Fighter II that was received nail as the umpteenth installment of Street Fighter 2. Mad Catz launched some beautiful holographic commemorative pads and a crusty arcade stick for PlayStation 2 sprinkled with illustrations from Udon Comics, which would be responsible for bringing the legendary book Eternal Challenger To united states.

Street Fighter 6, the desired icing for the celebrations of the 35th anniversary of Street Fighter

The 20th anniversary was something else: Street Fighter IV was already on the market and the Super edition did nothing but magnify a delivery that managed to resurrect interest in Capcom cakes like no one else had. A new batch of commemorative controls was launched for the different contemporary installments and some merchandising products, but the jewel was the The Art of Street Fighter that compiled practically all the great artists that have illustrated the Capcom saga since 1987. The 25th anniversary had a spectacular collector’s set, with a figure of Ryu executing his Shoryuken, a copy of Street Fighter X Tekken, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition along with an art book and all soundtracks.

We traveled five years until the 30th anniversary, in a convulsive moment for the brand: Street Fighter 5 did not have the desired release and gamers were on their guard against Capcom. It did not prevent the firm from continuing to work to improve the game and leave it in a more than optimal state in the long term, but the anniversary was punctuated with what would be the definitive compilation of the saga: Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, with a brilliant illustration by Shinkiro on the cover and with practically all the games in two dimensions of the main saga compiled on the same disc. The celebrations also took to the territory of the retro physical format with a Street Fighter II reissued for Super Nintendo thanks to lam8bit.

35th anniversary: ​​The moment of Street Fighter 6?

Street Fighter 6, the desired icing for the celebrations of the 35th anniversary of Street Fighter

The icing on the cake is obvious: Street Fighter 6. But what do we know about the sixth installment of the saga today? In reality, there are many good news and certainties that we have in this regard. After Yoshinori Ono’s departure from the direction of the saga towards Delightworks, they took over Takayuki Nakayama y Shuhei Matsumoto, who got down to work with what was already in advance of a more than confirmed sixth installment. In fact, the first glimpses of a new chapter for the series came with a very timely coincidence: the end of Street Fighter V’s competition for the Capcom Cup 2021, something that, evidently, didn’t happenbut it was announced. What happened and what led the firm to pick up cable before a firm and announced decision?

There are many voices that speak of Nakayama and Matsumoto taking the work done by Ono and his team on Street Fighter 6 and adding extra development time to redirect the project to more ambitious charters. It has never been officially disclosed what exactly has been worked on in the extra time that the project has been in the incubator and how important the pandemic has been in it, but the work done in the project speaks well of the new direction. field of the continuation of the Street Fighter 5 project, in which it has been adding new content in the last year and a half of great quality making the game even bigger in times of pandemic. In fact, it is interesting to talk about one of the latest additions to learn about the future of the saga: Luke.

Street Fighter 6, the desired icing for the celebrations of the 35th anniversary of Street Fighter

The latest fighter from Street Fighter V will play a major role in Street Fighter 6, a claim confirmed by Capcom itself. Being a very powerful fighter right now, there are few clues in him about the next video game, but his presence in the new installment it is more than safe. How sure did the presence of the software seem at the final of the Capcom Cup in February, an event that has changed its physical format to an online championship due to the omicron variant and its very rapid advance across the planet in general and the United States in particular. Would a hypothetical announcement prevent the changes of plans in the tournament? If the game’s release window is on the 35th anniversary, probably not.

Expect a steady trickle of premium books, toys, and figures in the coming monthsBeing the jewel of the anniversary the hypothetical arrival of Street Fighter 6, the sample of the plans of the 35th anniversary of Street Fighter will be accompanied by the typical related product string that will delight the players of the franchise. No clues as to what lines to follow have been released yet, but expect a steady trickle of premium books, toys, and figures in the coming months. The date is marked and everyone will want to take advantage of the occasion.


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