Street Fighter V sets release date for Rose’s DLC


Great news for fans of Street Fighter V: The Champion Edition Spring Update reveals when we’ll see Rose, the latest downloadable character in the game, arrive. And it won’t be long: it will be April 19. Rose is the second DLC addition of season 5 (we remind you that Dan arrived this year). The aforementioned season will have five characters in total, including Oro and Akira Kazama from Rival Schools.

And who is Rose? If you are fans of the saga you should know, but if not, we tell you: it appeared for the first time in Street Fighter Alpha back in 1995 and is from Italy. She’s always determined to take Bison off, and in fact, she almost succeeded. In addition to all this, Capcom has revealed some moves of the character. But in fact, old movements of the same seen in other games will also be reincorporated.

If you ask yourself in any case, the future of the saga could be closer than we think. At least, judging by a powerful rumor that places the next numbered installment for next year 2021. And although it is not official information, the source from which the rumor comes is Capcom itself. Or rather, his latest movements.

Keep in mind that SFV has been with us for many years and that there are not a few users who are crying out for a continuation that contributes more than just new fighters. And it sure is more imminent than we think.

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