Strong Girl Bong Soon Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


Strong Girl Bong Soon Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

We often question how well-liked South Korean dramas are globally whenever we discuss them. There is a sizable fan base for these programmes thanks to their steadily rising popularity.

There are several K-dramas for which viewers are hoping for a second season. One of them is Strong Girl Bong Soon, referred to as Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

This Korean television programme, which Lee Hyung-min directed, is entertaining. After one season, fans are impatiently awaiting the release date of Strong Girl Bong Soon season 2 and other pertinent information.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the new cast members and plot in the K-drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” as the next sequel has already been revealed.

A second season of one of the well-known stories was confirmed for the initial half of 2022. The film “Strong Woman, Do Bong Soon” tells the narrative of Do Bong Soon, a lady with superhuman strength who was born into a long line of strong women.

She runs into Ahn Min Hyuk, the CEO of the video game firm Ainsoft, who appoints her аѕ his personal bodyguard after seeing her power.

A second season of one of the most notorious K-drama plotlines is forthcoming. Park Hyung-sik & Park Bo-young play the main characters in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, a romantic comedy classic.

The K-drama, which debuted in 2017, is regarded as a classic that many wished would come back.

The second season of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon has been announced, however it will now go by the name Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon.

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Strong Girl Do Bong Soon’s second season has been officially announced, along with the lead cast.

Since it won’t continue Dong Soon and Min Hyuk’s tale, the sequel to “Strong Girl Do Bong Soon” has a new name. ‘Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon’ is the title of the follow-up.

The distant relative of Bong Soon who has Herculean abilities is the subject of the tale. This isn’t your normal love tale, either.

Strong Girl Bong Soon Season 2 Release Date

On February 24, 2017, Strong Girl Bong Soon season 1 was released. The complete narrative was told over the course of 16 episodes, including a special one.

On April 15, 2017, the last episode debuted and was shown on JTBC. Also accessible on Netflix.

The programme had a pleasant conclusion, and each character benefited from the plot. Additionally, the makers did not leave a cliffhanger that may have led to the show’s renewal for a second season.

If the plot proceeded well, it suggests that there are less prospects of Strong Girl Bong Soon season 2. The fans may find this distressing, but there is little chance that the season will ever materialise.

However, neither the second season’s release date nor the show’s formal cancellation have been announced by the makers.

So, there is still some chance. We anticipate the release of Strong Girl Bong Soon season 2 in 2023 or early 2024, if the show is renewed.

Strong Girl Bong Soon Season 2 Cast

  • Do Bong-soon is Park Bo-young.
  • Do Chil-goo will be performed by Yoo Jae-Myung.
  • Oh, Bulgom Soon-tae.
  • As Ahgari, Kim Min-Kyo will perform.
  • Ahn Min-hyuk is portrayed by Park Hyung-Sik.
  • Shim Hye-jin Yoon Hwang Jin-Yi Jung Mi-Hwa will be portrayed by Ye-hee.
  • Jo Hee-Ji is Seol In-ah.
  • Kim Kwang-bok is Kim Won-hae.
  • Deputy Secretary Gong is Jeon Seok-ho.
  • Do Bong-ki will be played by Ahn Woo-Yeon.
  • Ahn Dong-ha is Kim Seong-beam.
  • Ahn Chul-do will be portrayed by Han Jung-kook.
  • Baek Soo-tak is me, Won-hee.
  • The role of Yook will be filled by Choi Moo-in.
  • In Guk-doo is Kim Jee Soo.
  • Ahn Dong-suk will be played by Shim Hoon-gi.
  • Neokboi will be played by Joo Ho.
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Strong Girl Bong Soon Season 2 Trailer

Strong Girl Bong Soon Season 2 Plot

A Korean television series called Strong Woman Bong-soon follows the exploits of female Taekwondo competitor Eun Duk Hee. She works out a lot to avenge her sister’s loss and save her loved ones from going bankrupt.

She is opposed by a number of people, including Park Geun Hye (the president), Ahn Min Hyuk, and Baek Soo Tak, who do not want to cede their positions of authority easily.

In the first episode of the series, Eun Duka Hee is introduced and it is explained how he ended up in South Korea following being deceived by his dad, Do Chil Goo, while he was a little boy.

They lost their ability to pay for his mother’s medicine shortly after, and she passed away. After that, his aunt, a former Taekwondo competitor, raised him.

In order to get vengeance on Park Geun Hye, who betrayed him several decades ago in order to take away the authority she fraudulently took from Eun Duka Hee, Eun Duk Hee has studied hard and inherited her mother’s skill.

Season One of Strong Woman Bong-soon The 45-episode storyline demonstrates how Bong, a powerful lady, can quickly fend against corruption, brutality, racism, and treachery with just her taekwondo abilities while attempting to lead a normal life.

She has a battle on her hands with the government and Ahn Min Hyuk, who has fallen in love with her. Second season of Strong Woman Bong-soon The narrative may no longer be centred on Strong Woman Bong-soon’s taekwondo abilities, and there may also be a new antagonist for her to face.

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Unexpectedly, she has fallen in love with In Guk-doo, a police officer. Although he doesn’t know the reality, he recognises her by her outward appearance and seizes the chance to defend her.

She keeps it a secret since she doesn’t want him to ignore her. She also takes into account the purpose of making video games.

The CEO from a gaming company notices her enthusiasm and luck knocks on her door. Modern and fashionable Ahn Min-hyuk has several challenges in life, including constant warnings.

He once saw Bong-soon defending a lady from several males. He is so impressed by her enthusiasm that she agrees to be his bodyguard.

The first season focused on Bong Soon, a highly powerful lady with inherited strength. She only ever had one dream. She had long dreamed of creating a video game whereby she would play the lead role.

She eventually starts to have feelings for Guk Doo, a police officer. Later, Min-hyuk employs her as a bodyguard.