Stunning appeal, tonight, 9 am-9pm, turn off the light and light the lamp, the people of Bihar

Bihar Politics: Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav has appealed to the people of Bihar to unite against unemployment and privatization of government institutions. In his Facebook Live at 9 pm on Tuesday night, Tejashwi has appealed that the people of Bihar turn off the bulb-tubelights and light a lamp, lantern or candle for 9 minutes at 9 pm on Wednesday, 9 September. Also Read – Bihar Cabinet: Nitish government opens treasury, approves 9500 crore schemes

The Leader of Opposition has also tweeted in which he has written that against the privatization invoked by unemployed youth peers and voluntary organizations and the terrible unemployment prevailing in the state, on 9 September at 9 pm today, the lights of the house turned off the lamp, lamps, candles and We support the campaign to burn lanterns. Also Read – Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Congress invites Chirag upset with Nitish in old house

Tejashwi has said that this is not an RJD movement. Unemployed youth and some voluntary organizations have started this movement, he has said that he himself will stand with his mother Rabri Devi on his roof with a lantern on time. Also Read – Bihar Assembly Election: Politics on Sushant Singh Rajput in Bihar elections, all parties engaged in cashing in votes

He said that if the RJD gets a chance, then any capable youth of any caste religion will no longer be unemployed. For this, a team of experts is making the roadmap and soon we will come in front of the youth with the roadmap. He told that his party has released the website and tollfree number for registration of unemployed youth.

Earlier, Tejashwi has tweeted and taunted Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and wrote that if there was any scale to measure lies, inversion and shamelessness, it would have crushed. On an average, 10 lakh people are working every day i.e. 10 lakh * 30 days = 3 crore, in this way 3 crore people work every month, then how many annually? And Respected Nitish ji is Chief Minister for 15 years. Now you keep calculating. good night.

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