Sub-Saharan Africa doubles its number of players in recent years: a growing market


A report forecasts strong growth for the region in the mobile video game sector.

Sub-Saharan Africa doubles its number of players in recent years: a growing market

The passion for video games continues to grow around the world. In this sense, according to a report there are already 186 million players in the Sub-saharan africa, which represents a significant growth compared to the figure of 77 million in 2015.

This figure has been provided by Newzoo and Carry1st in a document accessed by GamesIndustry, which places the total percentage of the population that enjoys video games in South Africa at 40%, the spearhead of the sector in the region. They are followed by Ghana with 27%, Nigeria with 23%, Kenya with 22% and Ethiopia with 13%; percentages that will surely continue to grow in the coming years.

Importance of mobiles

The source document of the news places sub-Saharan Africa as one of the fastest growing mobile gaming regions in the world. In fact, of the 186 million gamers, 177 million people do it on smartphones and tablets. “Africa is the future of games. Thanks to the massive influx of people connecting to the internet and a young and dynamic population, games in Africa are experiencing a boom,” explained Cordel Robbin-Coker, CEO and co-founder of Carry1st.

Robbin-Coker also points out that there is a growing community of users willing to pay to enjoy this industry. In this regard, for example, video game consumption is estimated at $ 290 million this year in South Africa.

According to another report by Newzoo Africa, together with the Middle East, it currently represents 4% of global video game spending in a table where Asia comfortably leads with 50% of consumption followed by North America with 24%.

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