Subramanian Swamy’s ultimatum to JP Nadda, Amit Malaviya dismissed by Thursday

new Delhi: Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has quoted a talk of Lord Krishna written in the Mahabharata to give a message to BJP President JP Nadda. Through this Swami has demanded the removal of Amit Malviya, president of BJP IT cell from Nadda. Swami tweeted on Wednesday, “If Malaviya is not removed from the BJP IT cell (which is my five-village settlement proposal for Nadda) till tomorrow, it means that the party does not want to defend me.” Since there is no forum in the party, where I can ask the opinion of the cadre. So I have to defend myself. ” Also Read – Politics intensified for the post of Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman, Harivansh Singh filed nomination, BJP issued whip

In the Mahabharata, Lord Krishna made a final proposal to give five villages to the Pandavas from the Kaurava king Dhritarashtra. The Kauravas refused, after which Lord Krishna said that there is no alternative but war. Also Read – Will LIC also be sold, shameful attempt of government to sell country’s assets: Rahul Gandhi

Swamy has been complaining about BJP IT cell and Malaviya since Monday. Swamy claims that he is being attacked and said that the BJP IT cell has gone rogue.

Swamy had said in a tweet on Monday, “BJP IT cell has gone rogue. Some of its members are resorting to fake ID tweets to attack me personally. I cannot be held responsible if my angry followers take a personal attack in retaliation because the BJP cannot be held responsible for the party’s rogue IT cell. “

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