Suicide Squad director James Gunn chooses his favorite video game


A James Gunn, the director of the (new) Suicide Squad and once Guardians of the Galaxy likes video games, which is not surprising: to this day we can almost say that everyone likes that. But now he has specified and even told us which one is his favorite. And not in vain, the spatial flash does not go away: he has said that it is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, usually called by its acronym KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic).


I see that KOTOR is trending, which is logical, because it is still the best video game of all time. It’s my favorite Star Wars adaptation across the board (yes, including video games, movies, TV series, toys, and comics).

And the game has turned trending topic on social media recently, and Revan, the main character, is still an enigma for fans, as echoed by Gamerant.

Of course, let us not avenge ourselves either: James Gunn has never said that he is going to make a film adaptation of this aspect of Star Wars, something that has begun to swarm but that, we must tell you (with great regret) that at this time it is speculation and to sell smoke. But if it happens, we are sure that all fans of the stellar saga would be happy.

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