Suicide Squad’s David Ayer Claps Back At Fans Saying Harley Quinn’s Costume Was Too Sexual


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Harley Quinn's short shorts outfit and multicolored hair in Suicide Squad

It’s been 4 years since Suicide Squad hit theaters. Harley Quinn’s even headlined her personal film since then, but persons are nonetheless concerned with taking photographs at David Ayers’ 2016 film and specifically are nonetheless commenting about how Harley Quinn’s total look and outfit within the film had been overly sexualized. Now, Ayer appears to be hitting his breaking level.

Chatting with a fan who was involved about Harley’s Quinn’s look in his movie, the director acquired slightly irritated about the entire thing, I’d assume given he’s been requested about Margot Robbie’s “Daddy’s Little Monster” costume time and again for the reason that film’s launch. He famous on Twitter:

What have I discovered? Ought to make administrators solely direct girls in coveralls? What if an actor desires to depicted as a sexual being? Am I permitted to try this? What are the foundations? Assist!

Over the weekend, David Ayer was slightly extra earnest with a second fan. That fan had declared he gave audiences “gratuitous ass and tit photographs” in Suicide Squad and believed he’ll probably do the identical in his upcoming Netflix movie by telling that particular person about Margot Robbie’s character’s stylization within the film.

Why would I do this? I do know I’m a person, however I’ve a great soul and assist and imagine in feminism. It hurts to be attacked like this. I’m not your enemy.

This isn’t the primary time David Ayer has addressed Harley Quinn and the way she in the end ended up coming off in Suicide Squad. He’s beforehand spoken out about how her story arc was enormously modified from the supposed model within the film. The truth is, his movie was imagined to cowl much more floor than it in the end did in regard to Jared Leto’s Joker and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, together with lingering on the harmful nature of their relationship.

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He’s additionally stated he did one of the best he might to render Harley ‘comics correct,’ telling essential followers in an earlier publish:

Sadly, her story arc was eviscerated. It was her film in so some ways. Look I attempted. I rendered Harley comedian e-book correct. The whole lot is political now. The whole lot. I simply wish to entertain. I’ll do higher.

The transition between David Ayer’s Joker-reliant Harley Quinn and the emancipated model in Cathy Yan’s movie is notable within the style selections for the character, which is likely one of the causes Margot Robbie is so nice onscreen but additionally could also be one of many causes these feedback persist. Margot Robbie herself has beforehand stated she didn’t love the “clingy nature” of the Suicide Squad costume, so it’s not like she’s out and about defending what she was tasked with sporting and, actually, the Suicide Squad look is totally different than the standard comics search for the character.

Having stated this, the yr Suicide Squad got here out, Harley Quinn’s “Daddy’s Little Monster” cosplay was in all places at Comedian-Con. Clearly, that’s anecdotal proof, however the truth is Harley Quinn was the most well-liked costume at Halloween that yr, so a stable share of girls had been out and about supporting the look.

Some followers have famous the animated model of this character was much more sexualized than the Suicide Squad model and have defended what the large display screen narrative did by way of the primary two motion pictures that includes Harley Quinn. Others suppose that shaming a girl for being sexual — on this case a film character or I suppose the individuals who dressed up like her — should not be the top aim.

There are many alternative ways to view Harley Quinn. Is she a tragic antiheroine? Is she a badass? Is she somebody to be lusted over? Is she somebody to be afraid of? Is she too bizarre to reside and too uncommon to die? Is she ultimately going to let these round her down? Will that result in her final demise? It doesn’t matter what she’s sporting or how she modified throughout two motion pictures I believe the very fact there are such a lot of aspects and so many competing narratives on Harley Quinn reveals she’s a captivating and complex character. Maybe that is why she’s so enduring it doesn’t matter what she’s sporting. But that additionally opens up the door for lots of several types of individuals to have totally different opinions on the character and that’s OK.

Within the meantime, David Ayer has gone on to work on a number of motion pictures since Suicide Squad got here out together with Netflix’s Brilliant and the upcoming The Tax Collector. Possibly it’s time to only reduce him some slack and egg him on about one thing else on the web.

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