Summertime Season 4 Release Date: Is It Renewed Or Canceled?


Summertime is an original TV show made by Netflix. It tells the story of a young woman who is shy and awkward around other people. She always follows the rules and stays true to herself, but when she meets a popular motorcycle racer who’s visiting town for the summer, her life is flipped on its head. The main conflict in the Italian teen drama is whether or not the two main characters will end up together. The audience has to work hard to figure out what will happen.

The last episode of season 3 of the Italian romance drama Summertime has just been shown on Netflix. Federico Moccia’s book Three Meters Above the Sky was the inspiration for the TV show that Mirko Cetrangolo and Anita Rivaroli made. Even though the third season ended on a good note, people are eager to find out what occurs next in Summer’s story. So, here is everything we know about the fourth season of Summertime, which will start soon.

Why was Summertime Canceled by Netflix?

Summertime was a huge hit in all of its seasons, and it still has a good rating on all of the sites that gather reviews. On IMDb, it got the highest score of 6.7 out of 10, while on Rotten Tomatoes, it got a score of 81% on the Tomatometer and a score of 79% from the audience. So, going to look at the rating and how well the critics liked the show, we can say for sure that it wasn’t canceled because not enough people watched it. There might not be another way for the story to go.

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Summertime Plot

Summer’s love life is at the center of this Italian romance drama series. In terms of his character and way of life, Ale is the exact opposite of Summer. Summer is shy, likes to keep to herself, and follows the rules. She hates summer. She makes the decision to pursue a position at the Grand Hotel Cesenatico so she can help take care of her mother and make money since her father left for the summer to work as a jazz musician in a different country.

Ale is a famous young motorcyclist from Rome. He almost died in a terrible accident and is now taking a break. His mother runs the hotel where Summer works. Eventually, he falls in love with Summer. Together, they tried to deal with their fears and worries and helped each other do so.

During the first two seasons, there are also a lot of love triangles, and we see how Summer’s life is complicated and hard to understand. She wants to run away from her life because she is shy, but she can’t because she has to work to support her family now that her dad is dead. Summer and Ale keep running into each other, getting apart, and then running into each other again. Sparks fly when they offer each other another chance.

Summertime Season 3 Cast

Here is a list of everyone who is in season 3 of Summertime:

  • Coco Rebecca Edogamhe as Summer Bennati
  • Ludovico Tersigni as Alessandro “Ale” Alba
  • Amanda Campana as Sofia
  • Andrea Lattanzi as Dario
  • Giovanni Maini as Edo
  • Thony as Isabella
  • Alice Ann Edogamhe as Blue Bennati
  • Stefano Fregni as Piero
  • Giuseppe Giacobazzi as Loris
  • Eugenio Krauss as Bruno De Cara
  • Maria Sole Mansutti as Laura Alba
  • Mario Sgueglia as Maurizio Alba
  • Caterina Biasiol as Maddalena
  • Alberto Boubakar Malanchino as Antony Bennati
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What happened in the previous season?

In Season 3 of Summertime, the characters, especially Ale and Dario, went through all the trouble we’ve come to expect from them. They started out with a big fight about how their lives were different. Dario appears to work as a delivery driver to make a living. Ale, on the other hand, thinks he is wasting his life. As a consequence, he normally turns to perform.

In this season, Ale’s main source of stress is having to say sorry to Lola, especially after her big accident. The season was mostly about Dario’s crush, Luca, while Dario and Rita had the usual problems in their relationship. Sofi, Edo, and Blue all have their own tales to tell, which assist fill in the gaps between chapters.

The end of Summer and Ale’s story was clear by the end of the third season. While that was going on, Dario and Rita worked out their differences and got back together. In the end, we saw Summer with Sofia and Edo on the beach. She began to think about how she and Ale might end up together. But soon after, she made the choice to concentrate on what was actually real. She jumped in the water with her friends and had a good time.

Summertime Season 4 Release Date

Summertime has not yet been picked up for a fourth season as of right now. Since the show is centered on Federico Moccia’s book trilogy, the story was always meant to end after three seasons. The third and final book, “Three Times You,” does a good job of bringing the story to a close, and so does the show’s recently released third season.

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Netflix originally planned for Summertime to have three seasons, so it’s unlikely that there will be a fourth. It was decided in 2021 that season 3 would be the last, so this is probably the end of Summertime.

Is there any chance of renewal?

There is always a chance, that much is clear. After being canceled, Netflix brought back hundreds of shows. So, there’s always a possibility. If the story is good, the developers know how to make it, and the audience wants it, we can be sure that the show will come back. Once anything official comes our way about the release, you guys will be updated.

Where can I watch Summertime?

All chapters of summertime are accessible for streaming exclusively on Netflix.