Sunday Night Football Was Made For Swifties By Taylor


Sunday Night Football Was Made For Swifties By Taylor:

Travis Kelce thanks Erin Andrews as well as Charissa Thompson for making it sound like he was dating Taylor Swift.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s growing relationship was again front and center at an NFL game on Sunday night, when the singer cheered for the football player as his Kansas City Chiefs played the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium within New Jersey.

The NFL player and the pop star are believed to be dating after she was seen cheering for him at two Kansas City Chiefs games in recent weeks.

The Network Promoted The Game On Social Media With A Post Called “Taylor Made For Sunday Night”:

Even though they haven’t been saying much about their relationship, Travis has changed a lot since he tried to give Taylor a friendship bracelet alongside his number on it at one of her Eras Tour shows earlier this summer.

Home of Sunday Night Football, the story was front and center. The network used social media to promote the game with a video called “Taylor Made for Sunday Night,” which has now been seen 8 million times. Then, producers asked Carson Daly, who hosts The Voice, to clarify football to Swift fans within a piece that ran right before the game started.

After going to her Eras Tour show within Kansas City, Missouri, the tight end talked about it on his podcast New Heights alongside Jason as well as Travis Kelce. He said he had wanted to meet her and get her phone number.

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Travis Kelce Said He Wanted To Give Taylor Swift A Friendship Bracelet Alongside My Number On It:

“There are friendship bracelets at Taylor Swift concerts, and I got a lot of them, but I wanted to give her one with my phone number on it,” he said on the podcast. “I was disappointed that she doesn’t talk before or after her shows due to saving her voice for the 44 songs she sings,” Travis said, adding that he was “a little upset” that his first plan didn’t work out.

Travis and Taylor’s story began within July, when the sportsman went to a show by the Grammy winner at Arrowhead Stadium, which is home to the Chiefs.

They Were Seen At An After-Party Together:

After saying on his New Heights podcast that he was “a little butthurt” that he didn’t get to offer Taylor a bracelet at the show, a lot of fans, including sports reporters Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson, started hoping that the two would get together.

The two people finally got together. Swift went to Chiefs games within Kansas City, where they were seen together at an after-party, as well as the two were also seen together at the Chiefs-Jets game on Sunday in New Jersey.

The singer of “Anti-Hero” went to her first Chiefs game upon Sept. 24. She watched the team play the Chicago Bears from a private suite at Arrowhead Stadium with Travis Kelce’s mom, Donna Kelce.

When Asked About How He Knew Taylor Swift, The NFL Player Couldn’t Stop Laughing:

She was cheerleader again on October 1, when the Chiefs faced the New York Jets within New Jersey. This time, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, as well as Sophie Turner were there, too.

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When asked about his friendship alongside the pop star on Tuesday’s episode of the “Chasin’ It” show alongside hosts Chase Daniel as well as Trey Wingo, the NFL player couldn’t stop smiling.

“Did you ever think it would ultimately develop into what it turned into?” Wingo asked, thinking about all the attention the two had been getting in recent weeks.
“I had no idea, man,” the Kansas City Chiefs star said. “You can’t say that anyone else did the same thing. But I can’t be upset with how everything turned out.”

Julie Dicaro Wrote On The X, “One Of The Most Insulting Things I’ve Ever Seen”:

Julie DiCaro, who is the acting editor within chief of the sports site Deadspin, wrote on X that she thought the piece was “one of the most insulting things I’ve ever seen.” This seems to be how many female watchers felt.

Melissa Jacobs, who is known as “The Football Girl,” is a sports writer. She shared DiCaro’s tweet and said, “It’s been going on all week and is getting increasingly annoying.

The Sunday Night Show Was Seen By 27 Million People:

Since a long time ago, nearly fifty percent of NFL fans have been women. Jacobs also said that the NFL talks down to and is racist toward women who watch their games. On Monday afternoon, the game that the Chiefs won 23–20 was the most-watched Sunday-night event since the Super Bowl.

The network said that an average of 27 million people watched, and that “there were viewership jumps among females across all groups,” with 2 million more females watching than at a normal Sunday night game.