Super Mario World: they restore the sound of the SNES classic


Thanks in part to a massive Nintendo data leak, the soundtrack to Super Mario World It has been restored giving fans the ability to listen to some of the most famous tunes that came on the Super Nintendo cartridge.

The audio tracks, which you can listen to here, were restored by a group of people and shared by @LeBrickster on Twitter and YouTube. This was made possible by a large data leak from Nintendo, including the Game Boy Advance Super Mario Advance code, which reused tracks from Super Mario World. They were found to have names of the instruments used in Super Mario World, and this helped restore the original soundtrack.

@LeBrickster He has also spoken of complaints that the audio tracks do not sound quite right, and that many people prefer the originals. Note that they were not designed with all subsequent patches.

“What if Koji Kondo hadn’t been limited by the limited ram and could have used it in its entirety? We will never know what would have happened since the original samples have not turned up, but these are quite similar.”

They have also mentioned that they have done it “for fun, as something that they wanted” and that it is intended to give the world a chance to hear how these pieces that were compressed for use on SNES would have sounded.

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