Superman is a big priority for DC Studios, according to James Gunn, “if not the biggest”


James Gunn and Peter Safran’s master plan for DC is still up in the air, leading fans to fear that their favorite characters aren’t part of those plans. But luckily for the Last Son of Krypton fansGunn has confirmed that Superman is one of the studio’s biggest issues.

In Twitter, Gunn responded to a fan who asked him if we can expect to see Superman in the new DC universe. Gunn responded by saying: “Yes, of course. Superman is a big priority, if not the biggest”.

What form Superman will take is still up for debate. (beware that they come spoilers de Black Adam). Despite Henry Cavill’s exciting return to the role in Black Adam’s post-credits scene, development on Man of Steel 2 has stalled since DC’s change in leadership. However, we do know that Gunn and Safran’s plans are still in development, which means this isn’t necessarily the end of the sequel.

As for Wonder Woman 3, the movie will not go ahead under the direction of Gunn and Safran at DC Films. Gunn responded to the reports by saying that “some things are true, some things are half-true, some things aren’t, and some things we haven’t decided yet if they’re true or not.” DC could also put an end to the Snyderverse.

Gunn and Safran will be revealing their long-term plan for the DC Extended Universe shortly. As for projects that might not get off the ground, we know that Gunn has announced a Mr. Terrific project and that one of Aquaman star Jason Momoa’s dreams will come true at the new DC Studios.

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