Superman & Lois: Thaddeus Killgrave will be the villain

Superman & Lois is here, and they bring with them several well-known villains from the DC universe. Now we have learned that one of them will be the well-known (at least by comic book fans) Thaddeus Killgrave, who joins the television show to make things difficult for the couple. Here’s what the showrunner said about it:

Sometimes the story of Superman is a true story of Superman, instead of seeing him slap around everywhere. It is something that happens in Episode 3. Sometimes it is a new villain, who changes the course of the season. Sometimes it’s more than “mythology“the same” said Todd Helbing, showrunner. “We didn’t want to go weird villain per week, like in Smallville, nor did we want just one either. We don’t want to do like The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace, more in the vein of graphic novels. We wanted something of our own, but always focused on analyzing what all this means for a family.

Thaddeus Killgrave was created by John Bryne and John Beatty and first appeared in volume 2 of issue 19 of Superman in July 1988.

Source: Comicbook

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