Superman & Lois: Tyler Hoechlin explains his new suit


Superman & Lois it is getting closer and closer, and if yesterday we told you what differences there are between this series and the rest of those in the world of superheroes, today we have to address the issue of superman costume. And it is that Tyler Hoechlin has explained why there are changes in it, and how these reflect the evolution of the character.

Superman and Lois: The CW Developing Supergirl Spinoff Series

During the Television Critics Association panel, Hoechlin touched on his approach to the character of Superman (and thus Clark Kent). In short, it mainly changes the area of ​​the legs because it is a way for the actor to establish himself with the character, and it is more versatile for on-screen action. Especially now that Clark Kent is more relevant in the plot.

“Originally, I assumed I would do it in a couple of episodes. That was the first meeting, you know? We are going to do something fun for the fans, and that’s what the suit was designed for. But it turns out that then more and more started to happen. more. And obviously now it’s about a new story; it’s a different time in his life, so it makes sense that the suit reflects that. And it’s something that’s meant to stay that way in the long run. For me, and how I play the character, it has been relevant how much Greg Berlanti and the Los Angeles production team have informed me. It helps me a lot to know what is being done, what is being worked on. It is different from doing something by yourself. “

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It is clear that we are going to see much more Clark Kent than in the average movies and series that we are used to. Superman & Lois will address issues of daily life, couple things, something that they hope, serve many to see themselves reflected in the two characters.

Source: Comicbook