Superman & Lois will address family issues


Superman & Lois is a series about a family, which does not become a sitcom, but that it will address the daily life of the couple, who in addition to being the greatest superhero of all time and the reporter, are a married couple with children. This is not about whether Superman uses his ultra vision to check if Lois sends messages with an old roll, but about the fact that you have to raise two teenagers who also turn out to be very different from each other.

Superman and Lois: The CW Developing Supergirl Spinoff Series

The showrunner, Todd Helbing, has told in Den of Geek what this complex family dynamic is going to do:

I have two children who are very different from each other, and that has become part of the story. How do you manage being parents with children so different from each other and being able to meet their needs for care and help? The sibling relationship changes the family dynamic. And as working parents, how is it done? Think of Lois Lane, the world’s most successful reporter, and the need for attention her job has. Above, married to Superman. It is quite a challenge to face all that.”

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