Supreme Court dismisses plea seeking Muharram procession, says order will create a community target


new Delhi: The Supreme Court said that if we allow this procession to be taken out then chaos will spread and then a particular community will be targeted in the name of spreading corona which the Supreme Court will not want. The Supreme Court said that it will not give any order which threatens the health of the people. Also Read – Supreme Court did not allow Muharram procession, said – Then there will be a ruckus about spreading corona

Let me tell you that Shia religion guru Kalbe Jawwad had filed a petition to take out the Muharram procession. The Supreme Court said that he cannot give any order applicable to the whole country. The petitioner in his petition appealed to the court that we should at least be allowed to procession in Lucknow. On this, the Supreme Court asked them to go to Allahabad High Court Also Read – Muharram 2020: Muharram is celebrated in the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, know its history

Let me tell you that at this time the infection of corona is spreading rapidly and at this time the conditions of corona are continuously worsening. The court has also argued the same behind the dismissal of the petition that at this time no such order can be ordered to be held which spreads the infection and later on that particular religion can be held responsible. Also Read – Muharram 2020 SMS & Quotes: Share this SMS and Quotes to your loved ones on this Muharram

Please tell that at this time the infection of corona is at its peak. In the last 24 hours, more than 75 thousand cases have been reported in the country, which is the highest number of people infected with corona in one day in the last five months.

The court gave the example of Jagannath Puri to the petitioner on his decision, saying that in Jagannath Puri’s Rath Yatra, the chariot is taken from one place to another. If this matter was for a particular place, an order could be made by assessing the danger.


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