System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition recibe un modo VR


System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition receive a mode VR fully playable. IGN may exclusively reveal that NIghtdive Studios is already working in a full VR mode with its technology-focused development team.

It all started when NIghtdive Studios posted a tweet in January showing company CEO Stephen Kick using a VR controller to play System Shock 2. The tweet served as a revelation that Nightdive Studios was already looking for a way to implement virtual reality. in the sequel.

System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition
System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition

“During the process of recovering the missing libraries of System Shock 2, we had the opportunity to play with the idea of ​​creating a full version in VR” he said in an interview with our North American colleagues at IGN. “And that’s why we’ve pulled in a VR expert to commission and give us an idea of ​​what kinds of things we could do.”

With this idea, Nightdive discovered that there is a solid foundation in System Shock 2 to start developing a full VR version. Kick has said that the title will be fully playable in VR including multiplayer. So the cooperative mode can be enjoyed in VR in cross-game mode, in which one player can use virtual reality and the other could use the regular PC version.

Kick also clarified that virtual reality is not just an extra, but a complete function. Nightdive is working to create a good version, built from a full VR base.

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