Tale Of Nine Tailed Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


Tale Of Nine Tailed Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

A well-liked South Korean tv drama is called Tale of Nine Tailed Season 2.

Lee Dong-wook, Jo Bo-ah, and Kim Bum are the series’ main actors.

The first season of 16 episodes had its debut on tvN from October 7 to December 3, 2020, on Thursdays and Wednesdays at 22:30 (KST).

Tale about the Nine-Tailed Tiger’s second season is now in development and is scheduled for 2023 release.

Lee Dong-wook as Kim Bum will reprise their roles, while the female main cast will also include Kim So-Yeon and a number of new actors including Ryu Kyung-soo.

On October 7, 2020, the first season debuted, and on December 3, 2020, the season finale did as well.

Fans of Tale of Nine Tailed are eager to learn more about the forthcoming season and are extremely happy to receive the second season.

We are providing all the information about Tale of Nine Tailed’s second season because we recognise your enthusiasm.

Some evidence that several well-known K-dramas are now working on their second seasons. The D.P. cab driver to the Squid Game

The most recent drama to enter the list of those that are widely awaited is Tale for the Nine-Tailed Dragon Season 2, which features the return of main actor Lee Dong-Wook.

Fans are impatiently anticipating season 2 of the well-known TVN Korean drama Tale the Nine Tails starring Lee Dong Wook.

Kang Shin-Hyo is the show’s director, while Studio Dragon is in charge of production.

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The dream romance was a drama about a fictitious nine-tailed fox from the Gumiho Korean folktale. Many years ago, the gumiho Lee Yeon resided in the city.

Most of the time, he assumes human form, but he also destroys supernatural entities who cause problems in the realm of the living.

His true motivation, though, is to track down the reincarnation with his former first love.

This was Dong Wook’s first supernatural role in a drama in a long time. Additionally, the fantasy drama did a fantastic job at bringing a mythological monster from a Korean folk story to life.

Tale Of Nine Tailed Season 2 Release Date

On October 7, 2020, Tales of Nine Tailed’s first season was officially revealed.

There were sixteen episodes in all. In the next years, the remaining seasons will be made available.

The question of whether Tale with Nine Tailed will get a second season is regrettably still open. Currently, confirmation of its renewal status is required.

Additionally, the show’s production company has not yet given it the go-ahead in writing.

However, the show’s producers have already hinted at possible plotlines for a second season and showed interest in it.

Tale Of Nine Tailed Season 2 Cast

If it is, Lee Dong-wook will play Lee Yeon, Kim Bum will play Lee Rang, Jo Bo-ah will play Nam Ji-ah or Yi Ah-mum, Kim Jung-nan will play Taluipa, King Yeomra’s younger sister, and Ahn Gil-Kang would play Hyunuiong, the guardian of Samdo River.

Tale Of Nine Tailed Season 2 Trailer

Tale Of Nine Tailed Season 2 Plot

The plot centres on Lee-yeon (Dong-wook), a male gumiho, and his experiences in 1938.

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For the new project, Season 1 writers Han Woo Ri and director Kang Shin Hyo will reunite.

A second season of Tale of Nine Tailed was recently ordered. However, we require precise details on the plot.

Since there aren’t many facts known about Tale of Nine Tailed’s second season, we can only infer some things about the plot.

However, we may anticipate that the tale will continue where it left off during the previous season in the following season.

The first season, which included Yeon’s exploits, premiered in 2020.

His first love, Jo Bo-ah, who plays her, is the person he sets out to find.

She used to be owned under a demon by the name of Imoogi.

He ultimately finds happiness with her after many setbacks and hardships.

But in Season 2, he is transported to 1938 and makes a valiant effort to return home.

Dong-wook expressed his happiness at the opportunity to tackle the Tale story of Nine-Tailed once again in a statement. “I loved collaborating with wonderful actors and staff.”

The previous mountain spirit protector of Baekdu-daegan and over 1,000-year-old Gumiho Lee Yeon currently lives in the city.

He collaborates with Taluka, a representative of the Afterlife Customs Office and guardian of the Samdo River, to exterminate paranormal entities that pose a danger to the material world.

He resides in the city, which is where he is helped by Goo Shin-joo, a fellow Gumiho and his devoted subject.

He is discovered by Nam Ji-ah, a shrewd, fearless, and fearless producer at TVC Station, who is on a quest to catch a fox that has murdered and devoured the livers of many people and is now marrying a male in the disguise of a human lady.

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When Yeon is leaving the event, Ji-ah knows him, and she later sees him on camera via his red, distinctively marked umbrella.

She discovers Yeon’s residence, suspecting him of possessing supernatural abilities, and finally tests her hypothesis by leaping out of his apartment carrying a memory chip containing a video of Yeon using his abilities to battle another fox, compelling Yeon to pursue and rescue her.