Talk To Me, A Scary Movie, Grossed $10 Million


Talk To Me, A Scary Movie, Grossed $10 Million:

The mysterious horror movie Talk to Me, made by first-time directors Danny as well as Michael Philippou for A24, made more than $10 million in its first weekend on 2,340 screens, which was much more than was expected.

The first movie made by two famous YouTuber brothers from Australia who had never made a movie before went straight to number six at the local box office.

The Movie Did It Well At Box Office Movie Get B+ From Box Office:

The movie was praised as a new take on the story of possession, and it did very well at the box office, getting a B+. Cinema score is pretty much the best for horror, especially independent horror, and it is A24’s best Cinema score for a wide release in any genre.

It’s the biggest opening weekend for the company since Ari Aster’s Hereditary in 2018. Aster gave a big shout-out to Talk To Me at Sundance, where it made its debut and A24 won a bidding war to get it. Hereditary made $13.6 million in its first week on 2,900 screens.

Talk To Me Was The Second Movie Which Got Biggest Opening Weekend After Hereditary:

Independent films don’t usually make more than $10 million within a single weekend, so this is another big break for a producer with a strong name and fan base.

The horror movie Talk to Me, regarding a group of friends who mess around using a preserved hand to no good effect, was a big hit with a wide range of audiences.

Movie Did Well As Expected By The Producers And Maker:

It did well as expected in big cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, but it also did better than expected in smaller cities like Houston, El Paso, San Antonio, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Fresno, and Orlando.

It’s known for being weird, which helps sell tickets. A revival of theater alongside Barbie as well as Oppenheimer doesn’t help either.

Logically, it seems like it would be hard to start within the shadow of Barbenheimer, yet in this case, the top-notch scares brought back a lot of people to the theater and made them appreciate having choices.

It’s a reminder of what numerous individuals in the business have been saying since Covid that giving viewers a variety of different kinds of movies will keep them coming back.

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Even though people are happy right now, there is a bit of worry because the movie release plan is starting to change because of the ongoing Hollywood strikes.

Talk TO Me Was Expected To Make $10 Million:

Talk to Me is expected to make $10,028,632, which is double what was expected. It is expected to make $4,197,960 on Friday, $3,566,160 on Saturday, and $2,264,512 on Sunday.

The Movie Has Strong Start With The Selling Of $16,650 Tickets:

At the IFC Center within New York City, Kokomo City possessed a strong start with $16,650 in ticket sales. This Friday, the documentary that debuted at Sundance will be shown in 15 new cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago, and Austin.

The Story Of Talk To Me:

After a scary beginning, the movie starts on the day Mia’s mother remembers. That night, while Mia’s father tries to get her to talk, she gladly answers Riley’s call and agrees to pick him up from the park.

As they drive back to Riley’s house, screaming and singing along to Sia’s “Chandelier,” they come across a kangaroo on the road in front of them that is slowly dying.

Riley tells Mia to run over the kangaroo as well as put it out of its pain, yet at the last moment, she slams upon the brakes as well as swerves surrounding it, leaving it to suffer and showing a lot of what will happen later in the movie.

At Riley as well as Jade’s house, Mia shows Jade a video that is going around social media of some of their friends grabbing a white clay hand and acting like they are possessed by ghosts that come from it. Jade says it’s not real, but Mia wants to see for herself.

Later that night, at a party, Mia is the first person to offer to hold the hand, which is believed to be the preserved, cut hand of a dead medium, as well as call in a ghost.

Hayley, a single of the guardians of the hand and a student of theirs, tells them the rules. Light a light, put your hands together, say “talk to me,” as well as the spirit will come in. But don’t leave the door to the spirit world open for longer than ninety seconds, as well as “they’ll want to stay.”

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Oh, and if you die alongside a spirit in your body, your soul is going to be lost forever within limbo with the other spirits stuck in the hand.

Mia does the rite and gets possessed for the first time. She channels a ghost who seems to be especially interested in Riley.

But when Joss, the other person in charge of the hand, tries to take it from Mia as the clock nears 90 seconds, the spirit fights back, and the time runs out. Mia’s group is finally able to pull the hand away from her, and she comes out of her trance with a smile.

Mia Breached The Rules, So She Has To Deal With The Results:

Mia broke the rules, and now she has to pay for it. At the following group get-together, everyone took turns getting high upon the thrill of the hand and recording ghostly encounters for social media.

Riley finally begs to play, but Jade says no and leaves the room. Mia gives in now that Jade is gone and lets Riley try it out for 60 seconds.

Riley is taken over by the ghost, which begins to speak to Mia as if it were her dead mother. Mia lets the possession last much longer than ninety seconds. Something changes all of a sudden, and Riley starts slamming his head furiously onto the table within front of him.

As the others try to take his hand, he reaches up and tries to pull out his own eyeball before flying throughout the room.

Just as the spirit is about to kill Riley, Jade runs back in and puts her hand between Riley’s head as well as the side of the desk it is trying to hit. Finally, they took their hand away as well as called for help.

At The Conclusion Of The Story, What Happens:

Riley is in a coma and very close to dying in the hospital, and Mia starts having more and more scary experiences with the dead. Even worse, each time Riley wakes up, the ghosts take repeatedly to attempt to kill him so they may retain him for good.

Mia gets the idea of attempting to shut the door for Riley by lighting the candle, putting her hand within Riley’s, says “Talk to him,” and then blowing off the candle upon her own.

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When this doesn’t work, Mia asks a ghost to show her the spirit world, where she views Riley being tortured forever by a horrible, churning group of lost souls. Mia additionally employs the hand upon her own in an attempt speak to her mother, who died from having excessive amounts of sleeping pills.

When Mia’s father found her mother’s body, she had been scratching at the door to their bedroom to get help. This made Mia think that her mom didn’t kill herself on purpose, but instead accidentally took too many pills.

The bad ghost who is trying to be her mother tells her that she is correct regarding her not killing herself and additionally that if Riley passes away, she will be taking care of him over on the opposing side rather than letting him suffer like he is now.

Mia’s father finally shows her the note her mother left before she killed herself. He had been keeping it from her to protect her. But the evil spirit pretending to be her mother tells Mia that her father is really a member of the demons who are out to hurt her, so she stabs him.

She then goes to the hospital, where she tricks Jade as well as Sue into leave her alone with Riley. She puts Riley in a wheelchair and pushes him to a near highway.

Mia finally snaps out of it when her evil spirit mom seeks to get her to throw Riley into traffic. Instead, she throws herself in front of a fast car.

When Mia wakes up, she is standing in the middle of the wreckage upon the highway. She is then taken to the hospital quickly. She can’t talk to them, so she can only watch as her dad as well as Riley, who are both better now, leave the hospital.

Then, all of a sudden, a tube of light appears in front of her, and she follows it. When she gets there, she finds herself holding the hand of an associate of an unknown organization who is using the embalmed hand to call up ghosts.