Tarek El Moussa Kicks People Out Of Apartments In North Hollywood Where The Rent Is Controlled


Tarek El Moussa Kicks People Out Of Apartments In North Hollywood Where The Rent Is Controlled:

North Hollywood renters say that HGTV real estate star Tarek El Moussa kicked them out of their rent-controlled apartments so that he could build a new 138-unit complex.

El Moussa is best known for co-hosting the hit HGTV makeover show “Flip or Flop,” which he has done alongside his ex-wife Christina Hall since the year 2013. In 2020, he started a new show called “Flipping 101 alongside Tarek El Moussa.”

El Moussa Wishes To Transform Almost 100  Year Old Complex Into A Privet Building Alongside Latest Technology:

Residents of the rent-controlled housing on Hartsook Street nearby the Arts District say that El Moussa wants to turn the approximately 100-year-old complex into a private building with the latest technology.

Letmon as well as her husband are having trouble finding a reasonable place to live because they are having their first child. Not only is the rent in L.A. County very high, but the Hollywood strikes have had a big effect on her husband’s work.

El Moussa’s business company, TEM Capital, stated they will “handle any possible move-out agreements if current tenants want to leave during this time” as well as “proper monetary compensation is going to be offered to willing tenants who would rather leave early.”

Legally Livas Have To Pay Almost $20,000 For Moving:

Livas, who lives alongside a disabled family member, stated that the $15,000 to $20,000 in moving costs she’s legally due to isn’t fair since she’ll loose the apartment she’s lived in for 40 years and the owners stand to make millions upon the new high rise.

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The people who live there said that their soon-to-be-demolished complex was one of the solely cottage-style places left on the block with green space as well as a yard, since everything else is new apartment building.

Shortly After EL Moussa Announced The Project Livas And Her Neighbors Got Eviction Letters:

Shortly after El Moussa, the famous HGTV star as well as host of “Flip or Flop” as well as “Flipping 101,” launched what he termed his “biggest flip” ever, she and her neighbors in the rent-controlled units got eviction letters.

The people who lived there hoped that meant that their complex, which was ringed by newer, bigger multi-story buildings, would finally get updated. Now, everyone is being told to leave.

Tenant Jonpaul Rodriguez said, “We’d love to talk to Tarek as well as the city about maybe building on the empty lot or even on the other side of the building.” “Because we’re talking regarding three different properties and maybe fixing this up.”

Clare Letmon, Rodriguez’s wife, said, “We’re going to solve this crisis by fixing up and keeping these high-quality, affordable homes as they are and adding to them.”

Some of the people who lived there for nearly 50 years would have to move because of the new project. Tenants also said that it would bring more gentrification to an otherwise cheap area.

In the end, he was found guilty in 2022 on federal murder-for-hire and fire charges related to their North Hollywood homes.

So, “TV Town” is trying to take over, and we have a slumlord in jail for murder-for-hire and setting fire to our building, Clemick said.

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Under The Ellis Act The Relocation Payment Range Was $10,000 To $30,000:

renters say they have since gotten “Ellis Act” evictions, which give landlords the legal right to remove renters as an authorized method to “go out of business.”

Under the Ellis Act, each unit can get anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000. The usual notice was 120 days, but renters who are over 60 or have a disability have up to a year to move out.

Tarek Posted A Video To Invite People To Get Investment:

In a video where he invited people to invest into what will eventually turn into a 138-unit high-rise building, Tarek called the project “the biggest flip” he had ever done.

The project’s website says that 14 of these flats will be set aside for people with low incomes. These low-income units, which make up about 9% of the planned building, may be part of the Los Angeles Density Bonus program.

Under this program, developers can add height, square footage, or lot area to a building in exchange for setting aside a particular amount of units as affordable housing.

The Idea Was To Provide Present Residents Enough Money To Move Away While Working Amicably With Them:

“The goal was to work closely but respectfully alongside the current residents by giving them the right amount of money to move out and building a safe, clean new apartment complex with 14 low-income units.”

Tenants said they want to stay in North Hollywood and are hope for a middle ground where they continue to reside there and their homes get some love.