Taryn Manning Says She Had An Affair With A Man Who Was Already Taken


Taryn Manning Says She Had An Affair With A Man Who Was Already Taken:

The former Orange Is the New Black star admitted to having an affair alongside a married man she didn’t name. She also said she was sorry for posting a video of herself talking to the man’s wife after she found out he was married.

Manning started an honest Instagram post on August 14 by saying, “Over the past few days, I’ve had a moment to think about what I’ve been going through.”

On August 14, Taryn Made A Statement On Instagram:

“I was very hurt, and I dealt with things in public when I should have done them in private with the help of my close family and close friends.”

She said, “After telling everyone everything, I felt a lot of guilt and thought that maybe the best way to deal with the situation was to say I lied regarding everything, but that’s not the truth.”

Taryn Acknowledged That She Has A Relationship With A Married Person:

Due to the affair, the 44-year-old admits to having “a connection with somebody who was married as well as told me he would leave his wife.”

“In final moments, I found out that was not possible,” she said. “I’m proud of the fact that I’m honest and kind. I understand that what I did was incorrect but sometimes love makes you do stupid things.”

Even though Manning is “sorry for exposing my situation,” she said, “I am not sorry for how I love.” The star wrote, “I hope to discover someone who loves me as much as I love them.” She promised to discover a “healthy kind of love.”

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Manning Denies That She Has An Affair In Her First Video:

She also said, “I learned a lot from this. After saying all of this, I’m asking everyone to give me some space so I can heal and fix my heart. “Many thanks.” In her first tape, Manning said that she didn’t start the affair, but she did say that she was involved because she was “so within love.”

“He came to me,” she told the woman who was with her. “You don’t say that I’m crazy, do you?” At the time, Manning additionally gave the impression that the relationship was over by saying that she was “very single.”

She stated of her ex, “He really screwed up today.” “And you want to get me? No, lady, that’s not going to happen.”

What Do Fans Think About This Happening?

Fans shared their worries in the comments section. One said, “I’m actually very worried about Taryn Manning.” I hope she had a good group of people to help her. I really want her to do well, but it’s clear that she’s going through a few s**t.”

Another person said, “Someone wants to check on Taryn Manning. She’s in bad shape and has major mental health problems.”

A third said, “Someone wants to check upon Taryn Manning.” Putting videos on Instagram where she talks about private things and the videos don’t make sense. You can see that her mind isn’t right.”

After Saying That Manning Is Getting Bad Comments On Instagram:

“Is Taryn Manning doing okay?” She looks like she’s lost it on Instagram. Where are her family and friends?” someone asked.

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In another posting to Instagram from earlier in August, the Crossroads star said she does want to get back at her ex-partners. She said, “I don’t really like women. Women often want to get even with people. A lot of people call me self-centered or a narc.

In June 2021, Tarny Told Her Rocker Girlfriend Anne Cline That She Was Getting Married.:

“I’m not going to tell. I have been dumped many times. I have been crazy about a man. I’ve been with women.” “But if they don’t like me, I don’t try to hurt them.” Taryn said that she wasn’t crazy, but that she was a “very passionate” character.

She wrote, “Hear what I have to say. Find out something. I am special, and it’s an honor to hear me talk. “Thank you so much.”

Within June 2021, Taryn told her 27-year-old rocker lover Anne Cline that she was going to marry her. In late August of the same year, they broke up and calling off their wedding.