Taylor Swift Draws Her Epic Empath Spirit To SoFi Stadium For A Great Six-Night Stand


Taylor Swift Draws Her Epic Empath Spirit To SoFi Stadium For A Great Six-Night Stand:

Taylor Swift’s new song “Karma” raises the question of whether or not the force it’s named for can be, like, actively pursued. And if that’s the case, is giving tour truck drivers $100,000 bonuses a form of spiritual insurance?

On the Eras Tour, you might think about these things as the clock approaches midnight and Taylor Swift closes the show with “Karma” at the conclusion of a 3-hour-and-25-minute long set.

Recently Swift Gave Her Team $100,000 Within Bonuses:

It’s a strange and funny ending that makes people think that being good is better than getting even, or perhaps the two are the same thing. Who could argue against any of this when the Eras Tour is about to make a billion dollars in sales?

The news was all about how she gave her team $100,000 in bonuses. In support of hotel workers who were on strike, politicians begged her to postpone her shows. Ticket scalpers were selling passes for $3,000 and more.

And there were so many friendship bands that it was impossible to count them all. Swift is sharing her good luck by putting on a long, exciting show that makes millions of fans around the world very happy.

The Eras Tour is the pinnacle of what a pop superstar tour is capable of, as seen again in Thursday night’s show at SoFi Stadium in the LA area. This was the first of six nights in Inglewood, California.

It’s hugely over-the-top, strangely personal, and, at its core, very musical within a way we don’t expect or even want from pop extravaganzas. It feels nice and giving, and it flexes such as a goddamn gymnast.

LA Is The Last City Of Tylor Swift’s Tour:

“I can’t believe I’m saying this,” Swift addressed the crowd at the beginning of Thursday’s show, “yet this will be the last city upon the U.S. leg of the Eras Tour, so we really planned to make it somewhere special.”

She could have put an asterisk on that statement, but she didn’t. She could have said that the SoFi run is the end of a single U.S. run for the tour, since she announced earlier within the day that she would be adding North American dates for fall 2024.

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However, it looks more like a regional clean-up job than a full-scale return after her Latin American, Asian, and European travels in the next year.

Even so, Angelenos like to think they’re special, so we were pleased to think of it as the end of what started in Phoenix just over four months ago, even though she’s just getting started in the big picture.

How Do I Receive A Ticket To See Taylor Swift?

Verified You can sign up to be a fan for all of the recently scheduled shows till 5 p.m. ET on August 5. It doesn’t matter when you enroll up, as long as you do it before the deadline. Ticketmaster is where fans can sign up.

On August 8, you will get an email telling you if you were chosen at random for the deal or put on a waitlist. If you choose this option, your Ticketmaster account is going to be checked, and you will get a unique entry code that you can use to attempt to purchase tickets during a certain time frame.

If You Did Not Get Any Ticket It Will Inform You If Any Ticket Become Available:

If you are not chosen, your name will be put on a waitlist so you will be informed if any tickets become available at a later time. If you are chosen, make sure that your Ticketmaster account is signed in and that your credit card information is up to date before you try to buy seats.

Keep in mind that there are more people who want tickets than there are tickets available, so even if you are chosen and sent an entry code, that does not mean you will get seats.

Fans who have already seen the tour which, if you count people who watched shaky, illegal livestreams, is almost everyone know that the set hasn’t changed much since it started in March in Arizona.

“Invisible String,” the most obviously personal song about a relationship that has since ended, was dropped months ago within favor of “The 1,” a great “Folklore” song alongside almost the exact opposite point of view.

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When the re-record of “Speak Now” came out, “Long Live” was included to the set.

About a week ago, “Tis the Damn Season” was taken out of the “Evermore” part of the set to create room for “No Body, No Crime.” This was because Haim, who is featured on “No Body, No Crime,” was joining the tour for the last part.

Except for the two surprise songs that come in the second-to-last part of the show, the plan stays the same.

On Thursday, the initial of these events was the much-anticipated live launch of “I Can See You,” a Vault track that got her latest single and was treated as a real rocker in concert, even though it was played on an acoustic guitar by herself.

The other was a track from “Midnights” that hadn’t made the cut before. Maroon was even better upon piano than when they were part of Jack Antonoff’s booming co-production.

The biggest change for L.A. may have been a thing as simple as the glowing badges that were put on all 70,000 or so seats before the gates opened. This made for a light show that was much better than anything seen at the tour’s start.

When Swift started her shortened version of “You Need to Calm Down,” the SoFi crowd turned into a huge, glowing rainbow flag in surround-vision, which was probably not hard to guess.

It probably wouldn’t be a spoiler for the rest of the run to say that red is treated differently, but it’s clear that a lot of thought, money, and work went into the color coding for each of the nearly 45 numbers that bring the audience’s wrists into the picture, above and beyond what will look like glorified glow sticks the next time you see an artist handing out these trinkets.

It is especially shocking to the senses at SoFi Stadium, which is built deep into the ground and has such a steep slope in the middle and top sections that it’s almost like being surrounded through canyon walls that have been lit up by friendly aliens.

Swift’s tour stands out in the summer, when big names including Beyoncé, Bruce Springsteen, Morgan Wallen, as well as Drake all have shows.

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Within Tour The Estimated Sells About $14 Million Worth Of Seats Each Night:

Swift, who is 33, and her managers don’t release box-office numbers to the public, but a trade magazine called Pollstar estimates that she sells about $14 million worth of seats each night.

By the end of her full world tour, which has 146 stadium shows booked through 2024, Swift’s sales could hit $1.4 billion or more, which would be more than Elton John’s current record of $939 million for his multiyear goodbye tour.

Swift Currently Holds More No.1 Records On The Billboard 200 Compared To Any Other Artist:

Swift currently holds more No. 1 records upon the Billboard 200 than any other woman. She has passed Barbra Streisand in this category.

Swift has put 10 albums upon that chart this year, thanks to her tour. She is the first live artist since guitarist and producer Herb Alpert within 1966 to have four records within the Top 10 at the exact time.

Recently Swift Announced New Shows For Tour:

Swift wrote upon social media, “Turns out it’s NOT the end of an era.” “The Eras Tour is coming to Miami, New Orleans, Indianapolis, as well as Toronto in 2024 with @gracieabrams! Verified fans can now sign up for all shows. For more details, go to TaylorSwift.com.

Notably, Swift failed to clarify that these were the last cities for the tour. This leaves the door open for possibly more changes to be made after the tour makes an unplanned journey back to North America after going all over Europe in 2024.

The Tour Begins With 4 Shows In Tokyo From February 7 To 10:

In 2024, the tour begins with four shows within Tokyo from February 7–10. After that, it goes to Sydney, Australia, and then Singapore in March.

The European part of the tour starts within earnest with a four-night stay within Paris from May 9–12. The last of six shows at London’s Wembley Stadium is set for August 17. Swift’s calendar is then empty for two months, until she starts up again in Toronto on November 14.