Tejaswi’s stance on BJP’s “self-reliant Bihar” campaign has been dependent on the face of borrowing for 24 years

Bihar Assembly Election 2020: The Leader of Opposition in the Bihar Assembly has attacked the BJP’s “self-sufficient Bihar” campaign. Tejashwi asked that the BJP has no answer to the questions I want to ask. He lashed out at the BJP’s self-reliant Bihar campaign and said that the BJP talks about self-reliant Bihar which is such a ridiculous statement. Also Read – Nitish-Nadda’s meeting, Sur – I am not giving any tension to anyone in exchange for Chirag, I am in NDA

Tejashwi said that I would like to advise him that BJP in Bihar should first become self-sufficient, then make Bihar self-sufficient. The BJP itself has been dependent on the face of credit for 24 years. The second thing is that after ruling for 15 years in Bihar, these people have received divine knowledge that Bihar has to be made self-sufficient, who stopped them for 15 years? Also Read – Great news for Bihar: Now fly from Darbhanga Airport to Delhi-Mumbai-Bengaluru

Tejashwi has asked the third thing that if he has a government from Delhi to Patna from top to bottom, why has Bihar not become self-sufficient so far? First, make Patna University self-sufficient by giving it the status of Central University, then you will do some other work. Also Read – BJP-JDU deal in Bihar NDA confirmed! Nitish-JP Nadda met, what will happen to Chirag

The fourth thing is that as they had said in the past 2014, when our government comes, we will give special status to Bihar, in the same way, they have come this time to talk about making Bihar self-reliant and in this way they will make Bihar self-sufficient.

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