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Spoilers forward for Episode 4 of The Mandalorian Season 2, known as “The Siege.

The Mandalorian reunited Mando with Greef Karga and Cara Dune in “The Siege” for what was presupposed to be a simple mission for the great of Nevarro. As a substitute, Mando and Co. came across a secret lab of the previous Empire that appears to contain cloning, Child Yoda’s blood, and sure, the dreaded Midi-chlorians. Primarily based on the large Moff Gideon reveal on the finish of the episode, Mando is in some massive bother if he comes throughout the Darksaber-wielding villain in Season 2. Moff Gideon seemingly has a military of darkish stormtroopers.

As if any episode of The Mandalorian might be so simple as banter whereas blowing stuff up and Child Yoda stealing cookies! The top of “The Siege” revealed Moff Gideon on a ship that regarded for all intents and functions prefer it was staffed straight out of the peak of the Empire’s energy, full with underlings for the Moff and stormtroopers standing guard. Gideon was standing in a big room lined with what regarded like a harmful variety of darkish stormtrooper droids able to be activated and deployed. So, what are these troopers, and what do they imply for The Mandalorian? Let’s dig in.

the mandalorian dark troopers disney+ screenshot

Are They Dark Troopers?

The darkish stormtroopers could be Dark Troopers, that are superior battle droids that had been first launched within the Star Wars: Dark Forces pc recreation. Dark Forces was launched again in early 1995, so do not feel too dangerous when you did not instantly acknowledge on sight the troopers that appear to comprise Moff Gideon’s new military. The sport was set across the occasions of the unique trilogy, so the timeline is extra or rless proper for these to be Dark Troopers, even when they’re probably considerably outdated in-universe because of the fall of the Empire.

That stated, Dark Forces is a part of the Legends continuity, and Dark Troopers did not seem in present Star Wars canon till the Star Wars: Commander cellular recreation, which launched in August 2014, solely to be shut down in June 2020. These canon Dark Troopers had been experimental fight droids and had been used through the civil warfare between the Revolt and the Empire, though use of the droid troopers clearly wasn’t widespread, as any Star Wars followers who’ve seen the unique trilogy can attest. Taking each the Legends origin and the canon iteration into consideration, all indicators appear to level towards Moff Gideon amassing a military of droid Dark Troopers.

the mandalorian moff gideon dark troopers disney+ screenshot

What Will Moff Gideon Use Them For?

Moff Gideon’s true motivations are pretty shrouded in thriller at this level, though it is fairly clear that he wants Child Yoda for no matter he has up his sleeve. He even cracked a smirk on the information that Mando nonetheless has “the asset” and a monitoring beacon was positioned on board the Razor Crest, then introduced that they “will probably be prepared” earlier than giving a lingering gaze on the darkish troopers. I believe it is protected to say that he plans to make use of this military to go after Child Yoda and Mando.

Moff Gideon did not have Dark Troopers amongst his minions as of the tip of Season 1, when he was flanked by stormtroopers and Demise Troopers. Contemplating the failure of their grand mission to get their fingers on Child Yoda then, he could have come to the conclusion that he wanted an improve to win the day. How that connects to cloning and Midi-chlorians stays to be seen, however I would not need to guess in opposition to him when he has a military of soldier droids in opposition to one unfortunate Mandalorian and an “asset” who solely appears to make use of the Drive these days when treats are out of attain.

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How Are They Higher Than Normal Stormtroopers?

Truthfully, it is laborious to be worse than normal stormtroopers on the subject of preventing within the Star Wars saga, with even The Mandalorian making enjoyable of their horrible intention within the Season 1 finale with the 2 doomed Child Yoda-punching scout troopers. Mando, Greef Karga, and Cara Dune did not have a lot bother with the troopers stationed on the Nevarro lab, and even the extra elite Demise Troopers that debuted in Rogue One did not win the day for Moff Gideon on the finish of Season 1. The Dark Troopers may have appreciable benefits on normal troopers by advantage of the dearth of human error.

Dark Troopers will not hesitate or face potential crises of conscience, they usually can presumably energy by the sorts of “accidents” that would go away troopers in an excessive amount of ache to try to combat again. Additionally, relying on how The Drive comes into play with Ahsoka on the best way and Child Yoda probably flexing his Drive muscle tissues, they will not be vulnerable to the great old style thoughts methods of Drive-users. Additionally, there is a purpose why the Separatists of The Clone Wars had been capable of drag out the prequel trilogy-era warfare for therefore lengthy — droids might be changed loads sooner than sentient troopers.

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Why Have not We Seen Them Earlier than?

After all, all of this results in an apparent query: the place had been these formidable fight droids when the Demise Star was being infiltrated circa A New Hope, Rebels had been escaping Hoth in Empire Strikes Again, stormtroopers had been being felled by Ewoks wielding rocks in Return of the Jedi, and the Empire fell? Nicely, the simple reply is that no one had created them for the Star Wars saga but, they usually weren’t retconned into Rogue One and even Star Wars Rebels. The brand new canon purpose could also be simply as easy — maybe the Empire simply did not like utilizing fight droids.

Hey, a failed Empire experiment defined why the Rebels TIE Defenders weren’t within the authentic trilogy, so why not have Imperial forms as the rationale why Luke Skywalker and Co. weren’t coping with formidable fight droids on prime of troopers and TIEs within the authentic trilogy? It additionally stands to purpose that the plans for the Dark Trooper droids could have been left in an information financial institution of some type after the autumn of the Empire, and it might have been simpler to construct a military of droids than recruit a human military within the years that adopted the Insurgent victory.

Possibly the Dark Troopers had been even Moff Gideon’s particular undertaking through the time of the Empire, and it was solely the autumn that opened the door for him to make use of them once more. Regardless of the purpose, this would not be the primary occasion of The Mandalorian bringing again one thing which may have been buried in Star Wars lore without end to play an element within the live-action sequence, and the heroes battling droids will surely convey Star Wars TV full circle from the animated sequence that began all of it on the small display screen.

All of this stated, The Mandalorian hasn’t confirmed that these droids are certainly the Dark Troopers of Star Wars lore, however they do promise to be very massive threats. The Mandalorian actor Carl Weathers (who directed “The Siege”) described them to Empire as “on uber-steroids” and “not simply souped-up.” Uh-oh!

Discover out what Moff Gideon has deliberate with new episodes of The Mandalorian, releasing on Fridays at 12:01 a.m. PT on Disney+. The Disney streamer affords loads of different Star Wars content material as effectively to cross the time. For those who’re out there for some present and upcoming TV choices set elsewhere than the galaxy far, far-off, make sure to try our 2020 fall TV premiere schedule and our 2021 winter and spring premiere information.

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