Terraria is canceled for Stadia


The co-creator of Terraria canceled the Stadia version of the game after blocking of your accounts by Google.

Andrew Spinks, or as we know him on Twitter, Demilogic, has explained You have lost access to all your Google accounts, including Google Play, Google Drive, YouTube, and Gmail. Spinks has been trying to get them back for three weeks, but his attempts have been unsuccessful, so he believes it has been banned by Google.

“I have done absolutely nothing to violate the terms of service, so I have no choice but to know that you have decided to break our connection,” said Spinks. “Consider it broken. Terraria for Google Stadia has already been canceled. My company will no longer support any of your platforms.”

“I will not be involved with a corporation that values ​​its customers so little,” Spinks said. “Doing business with you is a responsibility.” A few days ago, fans discovered that Terraria was named for Stadia on the Pan European Game Information website. But that’s not going anywhere anymore, it seems.

At launch, Terraria was a very good but slim side-scrolling sandbox RPG. It was pretty accurately described as “2D Minecraft” at the time, and didn’t have too much else going for it beyond some neat boss fights.   But over the last six years, developer Re-Logic has constantly and quietly crammed Terraria full of free updates and extra content, without a doubt distinguishing itself from that limited label. Comparing it now to the game it was at launch is staggering, with 10 times the number of items it started with added after release.  The 1.1update just six months after it launched added hardmode, essentially doubling the amount of content and boss fights in Terraria. The 1.2 update in 2013 pretty much doubled it again, adding new biomes and bosses as well. The 1.3 update in 2015 added a more definitive “final boss” to the game, along with a comparable amount of content to 1.2, and even then more was on the way.  None of those major milestone updates even include the frequent pa

Spinks’ difficulties with Google began in late January when the official account of YouTube Terraria was deactivated. He echoed it on the game’s official Twitter account, to see if Google did something.

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