That’s how beautiful the special cover of Famitsu is honoring ICO, from the authors of Shadow of the Colossus


Team ICO’s first game turns 20 next month, and Famitsu celebrates it with its proposal.


It is very likely that you are familiar with the names of Shadow of the Colossus or The Last Guardian, both games born from the mind of Fumito Ueda and your development team. However, Team ICO has a most emblematic past, since it has been making precious stories since its inception in the video game industry. ICO is the perfect example to express this, a game that did not have many resources and that, nevertheless, has become an icon in the sector.

That is why Famitsu, the famous Japanese magazine specialized in the video game industry, has decided to honor the 20th anniversary of ICO through a special cover in which the main characters of the adventure are observed. Because, although ICO was not a well-known experience in these parts, it was one of the ideas that led Team ICO to continue exploring your particular imaginative.

ICO Image

But Famitsu does not celebrate this milestone with only a cover, but also dedicates a good space of its magazine to reliving the development and argument of ICO. These intentions will be carried out with interviews with Fumito Ueda, as well as other members of the development team who participated in the first Team ICO game. What makes this edition a complete tribute for one of the most important titles of the Japanese designer’s career.

A few years ago, Sony admitted that it could have made ICOs known around the world if it had tried harder during its promotional campaign, but that hasn’t stopped the delivery from turning into a must play for every Fumito Ueda fan. After all, it is a most emotional title that moves away from the artistic pretensions of the time to explore more natural ideas.

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