The 10 best Justice League games and the superheroes that make it up


Talking about Justice League video games, or the DC universe in general, could practically be reduced to talking about titles starring Batman. The difference, in favor of the Dark Knight, both in the quantity of adaptations and in the quality of them is overwhelming. The rest of the components of the Justice League either barely have appearances as protagonists, or they have found that the medium of the video game has turned out to be their particular kryptonite. Thus, When approaching this ranking, we are going to choose to group some stages of the batman and thus leave some room for surprise and curiosity.

And it is that, in reality, The Justice League has more of a presence in the video game than many imagine. This cast of superheroes currently has their own virtual reality experience (Justice League VR: The Complete Experience), which does not go beyond getting into the role of the most iconic characters while we star in fully guided sequences. But it is still one of those things that one might want to try, especially if it has just been done with a VR headset and is a deceita lifelong. Of course, when it comes to playing, there are more recommended options. Let’s see which ones.

10. Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crises meant, in 2013, the insertion of this cast of characters in the world of MOBA. We talk about a video game that comes hand in hand de los creadores de The Lord of the Rings Online, which allowed us to put ourselves in the shoes of a good number of characters from the DC universe. But like many other games of the style at that time, lack of a strong community forced servers to shut down just two years after launch.

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9. The Death and Return of Superman

Than a title of Sunsoft released in 1994 for Super Nintendo and Mega Drive, considered by many to be the best Superman game, says a lot about how the franchise has done in the video game field. Superman 64’s shadow is so long that it still prevents the Sun from giving the character enough strength to be able to look the batman in the face. So maybe one of his best adaptations is this brawler solved quite gracefully, despite the fact that it was limited, like many others at that time, to exploit a prestigious license.

8. Justice League Heroes: The Flash

This title of Game Boy Advance It was actually, a parallel story to the one lived in Justice League Heroes (game that had different versions for PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo DS and PSP). As its name indicates, the title focuses on the figure of the sprinter from the Justice League. It is one of the most interesting interpretations that have been made of the character, in his short career in the video game.

7. Batman: The Videogame and his legacy

Here we begin to run into the bat man, who dominates with an iron fist the participation of the DC universe in the middle of the video game. With Batman (1989) we meet again with the prolific Sunsoft, who this time would deliver us a platform and action title which gained popularity, on the NES, in the shadow of Tim Burton’s Batman. It would be followed by several titles that saw the light of both Super Nintendo and Mega Drive and that they showed greater fidelity to the cinematographic versions, such as Batman Returns

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6. Batman (1986)

The Batman in 1986 It should enter this list if only for its historical importance, but as a video game, and always bearing in mind the limitations of the time it was born, it is still highly valued. This title means the first video game based on the Batman license, something he took care of Ocean Software. The game, heir to part of the residue left, in the collective imagination, by the Batman de Adam West, was actually an adventure title without enemies, in which the dark knight had to recover the 8 lost pieces of his Batmobile.

5. DC Universe Online

A multiplayer role title with which, in 2011, Sony Online Entertainment He surprised locals and strangers thanks to his good work in bringing the DC universe to the MMORPG field. The title is still available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and even Swicth. And without being any wonder, it continues to represent a highly recommended option if, in addition to the comics of the encapados, you are fans of the genre to which it belongs.

4. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

The second part of Lego Batman is, from Lego’s prolific product line, perhaps the one who best interpreted the DC Comics universe. Not only does it bring an incredible cast of characters to the table, but it also transports them with the usual grace to the particular rules of the Lego universe, maintaining the essence of each one of them. Humor, a lot of love for the franchises it works and an interesting argument with which to have a laugh while saving the world.

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3. Batman: The Telltale Series

Batman: The Telltale Series assumes, surely, the best approach to Burce Wayne that has been made since the video game. Now that essence is behind a very marked formula, through which one has to be willing to go through. If it is not your type of game, but you are fans of the bat man, make the effort, because what is behind it is worth it.

2. Injustice 2

In this list we could have put both the first and the second installment, but we were left with Injustice 2 due to its temporal proximity. However, there is something about the simplicity of the original that continues to win my heart. What seems clear is that we are talking about dThe titles that are not only remarkable in terms of playability, they are also an ode to the DC universe and have more than decent plot adaptations of some of the most iconic events in this fiction.

1. Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman Arkham Asylum and the titles that followed, could star in the middle of the list without disheveled. This is how solid the formula Rocksteady gave in its day is. Now, within that formula, the containment and the (evident) limitations of time and budget, which the first presents with respect to its sequels, cause it to remain glued to a metroidvania-like structure that looks great on you. What resulted in a more controlled environment, which means that, at least for one server, it remains the favorite of this last stage.