The 100 Needs To Kill Off A Major Character After Latest Episode


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Spoilers forward for the June 10 episode of The 100 Season 7, known as “Hesperides.”

The seventh and ultimate season of The 100 continued with “Hesperides,” and the episode delivered sufficient twists and ended on sufficient of a cliffhanger that there have to be some critical penalties. In actual fact, I’d argue that The 100 must kill off a significant character. “Hesperides” was cut up between two arcs: Hope and Co. making an attempt to flee Penance, and Clarke and Co. looking for Penance and reunite with their buddies. By the tip of the hour, no fewer than 9 notable characters joined Bellamy, Octavia, and Diyoza in unsure fates and potential dying.

If The 100 goes to construct a way of hazard to maintain viewers on the sides of our seats, then The 100 must show that plot armor would not apply and the great guys (corresponding to they’re) can die. The present is ending, so individuals can and actually ought to begin to die. I am not suggesting that The 100 pulls a Sport of Thrones Pink Marriage ceremony and kills an enormous chunk of the forged within the subsequent episode, and I am not even saying that one of many largest gamers ought to chew the mud quickly. Simply… someone.

This is who’s in danger or unknown as of the tip of “Hesperides,” and what might occur subsequent:


Bellamy has been MIA ever since Bob Morley‘s temporary look within the Season 7 premiere. Whereas he’s coming again sooner or later, Bellamy’s absence to accommodate Morley’s request for day without work has saved him off-screen to date, whereas Echo fights to reunite with him. Octavia and Diyoza are nonetheless lacking as nicely, having been taken (presumably to the identical place as Bellamy) by way of a wormhole from Penance. Oddly, after the occasions of “Hesperides,” I am guessing that the three lacking characters are the most secure.

As for Echo, Hope, and Gabriel, they spent 5 years on Penance with the prisoner Orlando, who helped them however was finally betrayed by them. Regardless of their promise to attempt to keep away from killing the individuals who got here to retrieve Orlando from Penance, Echo killed all of them out of her drive to seek out Bellamy. Echo, Hope, and Gabriel took the high-tech fits of the Disciples to journey to the subsequent world; Orlando was left behind and killed himself.

Their fates are unknown, and no less than one might positively die. I am guessing Hope is protected, whereas I might see The 100 going for the tragedy of Echo’s battle to seek out Bellamy ending in her dying. Gabriel is arguably essentially the most disposable, as he is a significant character in Season 7 however not one of many characters who has been round lengthy sufficient for viewers to get too connected. Of this trio, I feel the almost definitely to die is Gabriel.

Clarke‘s group within the “Hesperides” cliffhanger was the most important, so it might be the one almost definitely to be trimmed down by way of a dying or deaths. After getting their palms on certainly one of Disciple fits that permits invisibility in addition to touring by way of Anomaly Stones, they have been in a position to kill some Disciples, choose a planet, and go into the unknown to attempt to discover Bellamy and their different lacking buddies.

5 of them determined to undergo collectively, and sadly, they wound up on a desolate, snowy planet with no Anomaly Stone in sight. Clarke, Raven, Miller, Jordan, and Niylah are caught on a planet that appears barely liveable, with no seen assets and no obvious approach out. Clearly The 100 is not going to kill off this complete group in a single fell swoop, however I feel now is an effective time to start out worrying about Niylah and Miller specifically.

Whereas I do assume that Raven’s odds of finally dying are fairly good after the occasions of the earlier episode, she’s nonetheless too useful to die at this level, and I do not see Clarke perishing wanting the collection finale both. Jordan is an emblem of hope as Monty and Harper‘s son, however Niylah and Miller’s strongest fits are fight. I am not saying that makes them expendable, however The 100 would not come to a standstill with out one or each of them. I am extra apprehensive about Miller myself, however that could be as a result of I am simply extra connected to him as one of many comparatively few characters nonetheless standing from Season 1.

However what about Gaia? Properly, she promised Clarke that she would keep behind at Sanctum to maintain Madi and warn the remainder concerning the Disciples, however Clarke’s group had barely left earlier than Gaia was attacked by a Disciple, who started to energy down the Anomaly Stone. Gaia tried to cease him, and the battle knocked each of them into the wormhole of the Anomaly Stone earlier than it shut down.

They did not come out onto the frozen planet the place Clarke was, so Gaia is unquestionably one to fret about. Assuming she and the Disciple survived wherever they wound up, she nonetheless traveled someplace with no ally, and never even a protecting swimsuit just like the Disciple. She’s not an knowledgeable fighter like others, and won’t fare too nicely with out her buddies in an unfamiliar place.

Her disappearance additionally means dangerous issues for the individuals of Sanctum, since she wasn’t in a position to warn them. Although Murphy, Emori, Indra, Madi, and the remainder did not finish “Hesperides” in rapid jeopardy just like the others, they’re in peril too! Properly, The 100 has by no means been for the faint of coronary heart. Even when The 100 would not kill off a significant character after “Hesperides” like I really feel it ought to, dying is definitely on the way in which earlier than the tip of the collection.

Discover out what occurs subsequent on The 100 with the subsequent new episode, airing Wednesday, June 17 at eight p.m. ET on The CW. Known as “Welcome to Bardo,” the episode will showcase Octavia as she will get to know an entire new world, whereas Murphy and Emori face life again in Sanctum. If you happen to’re nonetheless in search of TV choices aside from The 100, be sure you take a look at our 2020 summer time TV premiere schedule!



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