The 100 Season 7: What Happened To Bellamy And 6 More Questions After Episode 5


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Spoilers forward for the fifth episode of The 100 Season 7, known as “Welcome to Bardo.”

The 100 lastly delivered solutions to some main questions on Octavia and the Anomaly which were lingering for the reason that center of Season 6, however “Welcome to Bardo” additionally added some new layers of thriller to the ultimate season. Whereas we do know now how lengthy Octavia was actually gone between when she bumped into the Anomaly after which got here again out once more final season in addition to how Hope got here to have a message embedded into her arm earlier than stabbing Octavia, we now have lots to think about whereas ready for what comes subsequent, not the least of which is whether or not the worst actually occurred to Bellamy.

Learn on for some huge questions that wanted to be answered after “Welcome to Bardo” in The 100 Season 7!

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What Happened To Bellamy?

“Welcome to Bardo” lastly introduced Bob Morley again for his first moments of screentime since early within the Season 7 premiere, and it regarded an terrible lot like Bellamy got here again solely to be killed off in an explosion so highly effective that it vaporized him and his hostage. Since that is The 100, nevertheless, there’s most likely extra Bellamy to return and his “dying” wasn’t what it appeared. After all, the Anomaly was open when the grenade exploded within the Anomaly Stone room, and the explosion undoubtedly might have knocked him backward fairly than killed him, regardless of what Octavia believed. That stated, he appears to be gone once more in the meanwhile, and there’s no affirmation if he’s even alive. So, what occurred to him? And was Bellamy carrying a hoop that he undoubtedly wasn’t carrying on Sanctum, or did Bob Morley simply depart his wedding ceremony ring on?

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What’s So Particular About Clarke?

This episode proved that the Disciples are much more invested in getting their palms on Clarke than they appeared earlier than. Anders wished details about Clarke out of Octavia’s reminiscence. He then revealed that he’d had Bellamy dropped at Bardo for a cause, and he solely agreed to let Bellamy go when Octavia promised to present him what he wished about Clarke, which means that Bellamy was kidnapped due to his significance to Clarke. She is seemingly the “key” to the Disciples profitable “the final warfare,” however why? Is it one thing physiological, having to do with the assorted tech that she’s had in her mind, and/or her nightblood? Or is it related to Clarke’s character? What makes her the important thing to the purpose that main characters like Bellamy and Octavia are seemingly solely vital to the unhealthy guys for his or her connections to her?

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Can Octavia Belief Her Reminiscences?

Octavia seemingly lucked out in touchdown Levitt as her Disciple handler, however that doesn’t essentially imply we must always take her reminiscences at face worth. If the Disciples are in a position to dig via anyone’s reminiscence and pull out photos, who’s to say that they’ll’t implant false ones? Or not less than use the data they gained from her to stage false scenes and trick her? There have been some issues about Bellamy’s “dying” scene that don’t monitor. Based on Octavia’s reminiscence, Bellamy arrived on Bardo and managed to overpower three Disciples, maintain the conductor at knifepoint, and make calls for. Examine that to Bellamy being knocked unconscious and dragged into the Anomaly within the Season 7 premiere, and one thing is unquestionably fishy. Can Octavia belief that she noticed what she thinks she noticed? And did the Disciples do one thing to Bellamy that they have been in a position to stage his “dying” scene?

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Are Individuals Caught On The Anomaly Bridge?

The Anomaly thus far has principally simply been used for individuals to journey between Bardo, Sanctum, and Penance, however “Welcome to Bardo” dropped some attention-grabbing particulars concerning the “Bridge.” I beforehand took “Bridge” to kind of imply “wormhole” for touring fairly than a bodily place the place individuals might be trapped, however Levitt revealed that the native Bardoans had provide you with a trick for pulling “individuals again who bought caught within the Bridge.” If we assume that Octavia’s reminiscence of Bellamy on Bardo is real, and he clearly didn’t pop again up on Sanctum earlier than Clark and Co. left, may Bellamy have been blasted onto the Bridge and caught there? And may Gaia be there with a Disciple as effectively, contemplating they fell into the Anomaly within the earlier episode?

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How Did The Disciples Finish Up On Bardo And Who Is The Shepherd?

The Disciples are clearly human, and Anders shared in “Welcome to Bardo” that they arrived on the planet way back as a result of “the Shepherd delivered us with the Stone,” which Gabriel famous signifies that the Disciples weren’t the descendants of Eligius people, and there should have been an Anomaly Stone on Earth. Nonetheless, who’s the Shepherd, and the way did they handle to guide individuals via the Bridge to Bardo earlier than the primary nuclear apocalypse? Are Cadogan and Second Daybreak from Season four concerned? If Earth actually was misplaced for good with the second Praimfaya, is the Anomaly Stone there misplaced for good too? And how does this all tie to the 100 spinoff backdoor pilot that can air in just a few episodes?

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The place Is Diyoza?

Diyoza appeared briefly in “Welcome to Bardo” when she and Octavia arrived and have been break up up. She yelled for Octavia to not inform their captors something, after which she was gone. Hope arrived on Bardo on two separate events to try to rescue each her mother and Octavia, and she or he in the end caved and agreed to show Octavia again in to Anders in trade for Diyoza’s life. Nonetheless, the episode ended with Hope despairing that she would by no means discover her mom after Echo murdered their solely hostage. The place is Diyoza? Is she nonetheless alive? Anders appeared to worth info on Clarke over just about the whole lot else, and Diyoza doesn’t have as a lot historical past with Clarke to make her as invaluable. May she be lifeless, and Hope is in for extra heartbreak? Or will she make her escape as effectively?

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Did Echo Snap?

Because of Octavia’s reminiscences being performed holographically, Echo noticed Bellamy’s “dying” on Bardo. Whereas viewers have loads of causes to imagine he’s nonetheless alive, Echo clearly believes that he’s gone, simply as Octavia does. Mad with grief, Echo attacked the Disciple who had been within the room with Octavia, though he wasn’t harming her. She didn’t appear to listen to Gabriel and Hope once they advised her to not kill the person as a result of they wanted him as a hostage, and she or he simply went forward and impaled him with a bit of kit, then dropped to her knees and screamed. Was this violence in a match of grief, or did she snap a la Finn again in Season 2? Can she come again from this, whether or not or not Bellamy is alive?

Discover out whether or not The 100 will ship solutions to those questions and extra when new episodes air on Wednesdays at eight p.m. ET on The CW. Yow will discover the primary six seasons streaming on Netflix now, and extra viewing choices for now and the not-too-distant future on our 2020 summer time premiere schedule.



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