The 12 Best Documentaries Upon Apple TV+ Are


The 12 Best Documentaries Upon Apple TV+ Are:

When it comes to movies, fantasy stories take us to magical worlds and tell us interesting stories, but films ground us with the truth, raw and unedited.

They help us understand the complexities of reality by peeling back the layers of fiction to show the core of people and the things we all have in common.

In its smart move to make a name for itself within the streaming world, Apple TV+ has seen the value in films. On the site, you can find everything from moving stories about personal journeys to great histories of our time.

Check out this carefully chosen list of the best films on Apple TV+. Each one shows how important real stories are in the digital age.

Many critics have said good things about Apple TV since it first came out, thanks in large part to its great shows. Another streaming service is not like Apple TV at all.

Netflix, HBO Max, and various other services get television programs and movies from networks and theaters and show them. Apple TV, on the other hand, has almost only its own movies and TV shows and markets itself on what it makes. Some of the most important films in music, nature, as well as history are in this group.


The American documentary film “Fathom” was made in 2021 under the creative direction of Drew Xanthopoulos. The story goes into great detail about the humpback whale studies that Dr. Michelle Fournet as well as Dr. Ellen Garland did in faraway places like Alaska and French Polynesia.

Their mission is to figure out how these beautiful animals talk to each other. The film, which had its world premiere at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival, is an interesting look and sound journey. “Fathom” not only brings science to the big screen, but it also does so in a way that makes you feel connected to nature.

Ted Lasso:

This international offering from comedian as well as actor Jason Sudeikis as well as Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence is completely charming as well as endlessly watching. It recently won a Golden Globe.

A British football club’s divorced owner hires an American college football coach to be the team’s new boss. The story takes place in a green London area.

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This show is fun for everyone, not just sports fans. Sudeikis, Juno Temple, and Brendan Hunt, who co-writes the show, are among the group members who make 10 episodes of a truly funny sitcom with heart, soul, as well as skill. In this show, human growth is more important than money and winning. It’s very much of and for our time.


In 2021, an exciting documentary called “9/11 Inside the President’s War Room” will show the September 11 attacks through a new view.

It was directed through Adam Wishart as well as told by Jeff Daniels. It tells the story of the terrifying hours after the attack, looking at how President George W. Bush as well as his core team responded and what they decided to do.

The documentary gives a unique look into the halls of power during one of America’s darkest times. It has exclusive talks with important people such as Vice President Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, as well as others. This is an important piece of history that shows how to be a leader in a crisis.


This documentary program looks at how LGBTQ rights have improved through the view of TV. It features tennis great Billie Jean King, actor Holland Taylor, director Janet Mock, playwright Lena Waithe, comic Margaret Cho, as well as journalist Anderson Cooper.

Each of the five shows looks at a different part of LGBTQ+ history as well as how TV covered it, from the spread of AIDS and HIV in the 1980s to Ellen DeGeneres’s coming out on her own sitcom in 1997, which was a big deal.

As the series comes to a close with the “new guard” of producers and creatives, it looks at the progress that has been made in the areas of diversity, inclusion, as well as representation upon both sides of the camera while also asking how much more needs to be done.


Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie is one of the newest and best movies on Apple TV. It shows how Michael J. Fox lived and worked. This shows how he went from being a child star to becoming one of the 1980s’ most famous faces.

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But what really makes this stand out is that Fox let the documentarians into his private world, giving them full access to his family and life. The documentary is about how he lived after Parkinson’s disease stopped his playing career. Early reviews on Rotten Tomatoes give this movie a score of 98%, which means Fox fans will really enjoy it.

The Year Earth Changed:

From a different point of view, Tom Beard’s nature video “The Year Earth Changed” shows the COVID-19 outbreak. As people dealt with the virus as well as the lockdowns that followed, nature showed how strong it can be.

The film, which was made alongside the BBC Natural History Unit as well as told by the famous David Attenborough, shows how people and the environment can work together in a way that has never been seen before.

This video shows how Earth’s spirit never changes, from the peaceful silences in busy towns to animals taking back their homes. “The Year Earth Changed,” which made this list, is an important look at how nature can grow again in the face of world problems.


Justin Timberlake plays Eddie Palmer, a former prisoner who can only say one word at a time. He is coming home after 12 years within jail for attempted murder. Palmer finds a child who doesn’t fit the gender norm in his care and slowly breaks down Palmer’s intense and gloomy personality. It takes its time to show both the characters’ pasts and its message, which is what makes the movie powerful.

That which could have skewed toward the cliche and the expected is instead considered and interesting. Palmer is not a perfect role model, and their relationship is building slowly. However, the movie shows that forgiveness can be found in the strangest places.

The Year Earth Changed:


Many people’s lives were wrecked by COVID-19, which made everyone stay inside for most of 2020. But this change did good things for more than just animals. It was good for nature and the world itself.

The Earth had the ability to breathe for a while because smog and other problems caused by people went down a lot. This video shows the exact changes we to be a society saw that year.

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There aren’t as many COVID limits as there used to be, but the people who made the video still want it to start a big talk about how people may alter their habits to preserve the world.


The 2022 documentary film “SIDNEY,” which was directed through Reginald Hudlin, is a loving tribute to the great actor Sidney Poitier.

This film, which was produced by Oprah Winfrey and includes honest interviews with Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Robert Redford, as well as Spike Lee, does a great job of showing Poitier’s immense impact as both a movie star and a leader in the Civil Rights Movement.

Each shot was a tribute to his existence, work, and lasting impact. “SIDNEY” is the only movie on this list that you should watch. It gives you a personal look at a famous person who changed the story of black stars in Hollywood forever.

On The Rocks:

Within this New York-set comedy-drama, directed by Sofia Coppola, Bill Murray and Rashida Jones and Marlon Wayans work together for the third time.

Murray plays Felix, a rich sex-monster who wants to connect with his daughter Laura, who is a stressed-out mother of two as well as an author who can’t write.

Felix chooses to become a spiritual advisor to his tired daughter, who thinks her husband is cheating on her. He does this out of good intentions, but he is wrong. This movie is a bit intellectual and looks at relationships, power, and being a parent. As the title suggests, there is both drinking and divorce going on.

Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me:

Selena Gomez, an actress and pop star, let Alek Keshishian into her life in 2022 so that he could make a movie regarding what it’s like to be her. From the beginning to the end of her work, the video shows how she deals with both her job as well as her mental health problems.

Because Gomez didn’t hide anything while she was sick alongside lupus as well as bipolar illness, this is important. One review site gave it a score of 97%, and it went on to win several awards, including one at the MTV Movie and TV Awards.