The 12 Best Movies And Tv Shows About Mermaids


The 12 Best Movies And Tv Shows About Mermaids:

People have long been fascinated by mermaids and sirens, which are powerful sea creatures that use their beautiful voices to lure sailors into the depths of the ocean, like in Pirates of the Caribbean 4. They are often portrayed as beautiful creatures from the underworld.

There are still a lot of movies and TV shows about mythical animals from the fantasy genre. They are portrayed in a wide range of ways, from being nice and good to being strange, scary, and terrifying.

As an example of the second type, look at the Siren group from Wednesday. They come in both cartoon and real forms. With the “mermaid core” style becoming more popular and everyone wanting to wear it this summer, it’s natural to wonder what other great movies and TV shows are out there to get ideas from.

For example, The Little Mermaid’s long-awaited release seems to be taking over the world right now. But what other wonderful mermaid media should you check out? There is a story from 1000 BC regarding Goddess Atargatis, the queen who turned into a mermaid. This is the earliest known picture of a mermaid.

Mermaids are additionally very popular within movies. The first movie to show a mermaid was “The Mermaid,” which was directed by Georges Méliès and came out in 1904. A lot of movies and TV shows have been made about mermaids. Here is a sneak peek at six movie and TV shows you can watch right away on Netflix.

H2O: Just Add Water:

The Australian TV show “H2O: Just Add Water” was created by Jonathan M. Shiff and has a fascinating story about three teenage girls named Cleo, Emma, and Rikki who become mermaids whenever they come into water after encountering a moon pool.

Colin Budds does a great job directing the show, which is about the problems they face as they try to keep their newfound swimming powers a secret while dealing with the normal problems that come with being a teenager.

‘H2O: Just Add Water’ is a magical mix of fantasy and coming-of-age drama that draws people in with its mermaid themes, interesting characters, and underwater adventures.

Blue My Mind:

This is a very strange and dark coming-of-age story directed by Lisa Brühlmann. It follows Mia as she changes during the hardest years of her life.

Teenagers like Mia are having a hard time and are worried about their bodies changing a lot. There isn’t much she is able to do regarding it yet accept her strange fate.

Not everyone really likes Blue My Mind. Some people would say it’s a bad movie, but it does have a beautiful and unique feature with some interesting scary elements.

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The Little Mermaid:

Soon, we’ll find out how actors like Halle Bailey, Javier Bardem, as well as Melissa McCarthy compare to their cartoon peers in the popular 1989 hit that really started the Walt Disney Renaissance.

In fact, who knows if Beauty as well as the Beast, Aladdin, as well as The Lion King would have been made into movies if the Mouse House hadn’t turned Hans Christian Andersen’s story of the same name into a musical cartoon first?

Disney does a great job with The Little Mermaid in every way. A beautiful musical score by Alan Menken won an Oscar, and “Under the Sea,” one of his Broadway-inspired show tunes that everyone loves, won another award for Best Original Song.

The detailed hand-drawn animation pulls viewers right into the underwater world, and the clever script is full of jokes that kids and big kids will enjoy.

The characters are also very interesting. There are some great ones, like Sebastian the crab, who is funny, and Flounder, a tropical fish who gets anxious. But Pat Carroll’s Ursula, the evil sea witch, is one of the best villains of all time.

Ariel is an inspiring Disney princess, even though her choice to give up her lovely singing voice for the love of a dull prince isn’t the most moral. There is a lot to do for the 2023 version.

The Glass Bottom Boat:

Frank Tashlin’s instantly lovable 1966 rom-com with Rod Taylor and Doris Day isn’t high on this list because it’s bad, but because it doesn’t have much to do with mermaids.

Still, the fact that it’s there shows how alluring “Glass Bottom Boat” can be. Bruce Templeton, an aerospace engineer, unintentionally hooks Jennifer Nelson, a diver dressed as a mermaid, off the coast of Catalina.

From that point on, they quickly fall in love and hate each other. Their heated relationship continues at the place of employment where both Jennifer and Bruce work, which is how the CIA finds out about it.


“MerPeople” is an interesting documentary movie that looks into the beautiful community of “mermaiding.” The show, which was created through Cynthia Wade, takes fans into the magical world of professional mermaids and shows how much love and skill go into swimming in fins.

This one-of-a-kind series looks at how this small hobby has grown into a growing $500 million business. It’s an interesting look into the world of mermaids as well as guys in water.


The funny 2006 movie starring Sara Paxton is a comfort watch for many. It makes them feel like summer, which makes it the perfect choice for people who like to have fun.

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The movie by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum is about two teenage girls who learn that mermaids might not be just a story when one of them ishes up on shore after a big storm.

There’s no doubt that this fun story about friendship will appeal to its intended readers. Anyway, people of all ages around the world enjoy this fun coming-of-age story, and they think it’s one of the cutest movies about mermaids.

The Lure:

The Lure also relies upon the Andersen story in a very loose way. It’s also a bit of a twisted love story, a bit of gothic horror, and a bit of Rocky Horror meets electro cabaret in the 1980s. That’s not it.

But director Agnieszka Smoczyńska got ideas for The Lure while she was on dry land. The movie was based on her mother’s bar, which is where she had her “first shot of vodka, initially cigarette, initially sexual disappointment, as well as first significant feeling for a boy.”

This Polish export is about two siren sisters who meet the local rock band Figs n’ Dates and become interested in the sisters. Soon, though, they start to wish they had looked for backup singers on Craigslist instead.

Not only do their new hires steal the show, but they also get caught up in murder plans on both sides, which leads to a wedding that could have made Game of Thrones look like the most polite thing ever.

It’s clear that The Lure is not for the weak of heart. That being said, it takes a lot of skill to make a story that’s been told many times feel fresh.


This Serbian movie, which is also called “Mamula” or “Killer Mermaid,” is about Kelly and Lucy, two friends who go on vacation to Montenegro and meet a siren-like creature alongside very sharp teeth.

Some might say that director Milan Todorovic’s 2014 nightmare has too much going on, including a secondary bad guy who looks a lot like the bad guy from “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”

But even so, this is the most authentic blues mermaid killer on the market, blazing new ground for mythical monsters within the genre.

Mako: Island Of Secrets:

‘Mako: Island of Secrets’ is a teen drama fantasy show created by Jonathan M. Shiff. It was written through Sam Carroll, Anthony Morris, as well as Chris Roache. The show is about Zac, a young adult who doesn’t know what’s going on who touches the magic Moon Pool upon a full moon night and gets magical powers.

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When the three mermaids that watch over Mako Island—Sierena, Nixie, and Lyla—hear about it, they are told by other mermaids to find Zac and take away his magical abilities before things get out of hand. The three will be kicked off the island for good if they don’t do this.

Night Tid:

In this 1961 psychological horror movie, Johnny Drake, a sailor on shore leave, starts to like Mora, a young woman who works as a mermaid at a carnival. Still, it comes out that Mora isn’t just acting; she really thinks that she is meant to kill men upon full moon nights.

Audience members have given mixed reviews of Curtis Harrington’s Night Tide. Some say it moves slowly and is boring, while most reviewers think it is a wonderfully performed, strange, dark, and atmospheric horror gem that every horror fan should see.

The Mermaid:

Stephen Chow was never able to make a simple mermaid story because he is best known for making crazy martial arts movies. It may come as a surprise that his 2016 work in this genre doesn’t include any stunts that defy gravity.

It does, however, have deadly mer-octopuses, jet packs that don’t work, and more talk about roast chicken than a rotisserie gathering.

Before being cast in the lead part, Lin Yun was an unknown actor who beat out more than 18,000 others. She lights up the screen as a mermaid who has to kill the property tycoon or destroy her underwater community.

Due to the fact that this is a romance, her plan goes a little off track when she falls in love with her target. In China, The Mermaid broke all kinds of box office records. People loved its crazy mix of absurdist humor, Looney Tunes-style violence, environmental action, and fairy tale love.

People from the West might need some time to get used to its abrupt changes in tone and lack of subtlety. Don’t worry, though; this is a treat for the senses that will always be fun.

The Cabin In The Woods:

If you haven’t seen this classic scary spoof movie yet, you should literally run, not walk, to the nearest streaming service that has the “Cabin in the Woods” lights on. You already know why the 2011 movie with a lot of spoilers is on a list regarding mermaids if you haven’t seen it.

In the unusual zombie movie, technicians Gary Sitterson as well as Steve Hadley talk at length about mermaids, which changes the way the half-human sea monsters are seen as dangerous predators.