The 12 Most-Watched Adult Anime Of All Time Are


The 12 Most-Watched Adult Anime Of All Time Are:

Young people may not always think of anime as a “wonder world.” This is the case due to the anime village always has episodes from a wide range of extreme styles, such as bloody horror, violent erotica, as well as sexually suggestive episodes.

This kind of anime is also called “adult anime” because a lot of it is violent and sexual. Adult anime was a new form that has become famous, even though it is adult anime. People are interested in this type of anime because they are curious.

There are some problems with it, but fans love it because it has new and interesting stories and material. Are you looking for a good mature or adult anime? Get ready, because you may not have seen these ideas anywhere else, and they’re perfect for you.

There are a lot of these adult anime series available on most streaming services. They range from romance-only shows to fantasy and comedy shows with adult-themed romance plots.

Because the main characters in these anime stories are older, they can push certain limits, which can lead to darker stories at times. In other episodes, these adult romance cartoons are almost as silly as most high school rom-coms, but the main characters have real jobs and can talk about love over a few drinks.

Cyberpunk Edgerunner:

Within the Free State of California, there is a city called Night City that is self-sufficient but full of crime. It is controlled by robotic implants and corruption. There are different parts of the city, and each one is run by a greedy megacorporation.

Santo Domingo is the cheapest and has the worst places to live out of all of them. David Martinez has lived in the streets his whole life. He wants to make his mother happy by working for Arasaka, the world’s largest security company.

Because of a bad event, he is instead pushed into the dangerous world of black market soldiers. “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” tells an exciting story with lots of drama, action, as well as feeling.

In addition to telling interesting stories, the show also deals with some adult topics. To do that, it has a number of scenes that are very sexual. They add another level to the main idea and help watchers understand how people live within Night City better.

Chainsaw Man:

Tatsuki Fujimoto is a manga artist from Japan who writes and draws the series Chainsaw Man. It tells the story of Denji, a poor young man who makes a deal with Pochita, a devil that looks like a dog, that joins their bodies together. This gives Denji the power to turn parts of his body into chainsaws.

In the end, Denji joins the Public Safety Devil Hunters, a government group whose job it is to fight demons when they pose a threat to Japan.


If the primary characters are beautiful people in suits who work in a modern office, you know you’re watching a great adult relationship anime. High schools are the best places for teen romances, but offices are where the finest adult romance anime shows take place because they’re more relevant for Japanese fans in their 20s and 30s.

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This office trope is changed in Wotakoi by rendering its four main characters huge otaku fans who love anime, video games, costumes, and more. Narumi Momose, the happy main character, tries hard to hide the fact that she is dating her coworker Hirotaka Nifuji. Hirotaka isn’t too worried about it, but he does understand Narumi’s worries.


Baki Hanma wants to be stronger than his father, who is currently the world’s biggest man. So when he chooses to go after that goal after winning a tough underground game, he gets some shocking news.

There are some very dangerous martial artists on death row who have gotten away from jail and are now on their way to Tokyo, where they are dying to taste loss.

Due to Baki’s fame as a boxer, he is told that he will be one of their many targets. “Baki” shows the exciting story of what happens when respected and loved Japanese martial artists meet martial artists from the dark secret world.

Fans of the Shounen series can enjoy an interesting story about how guys compete in fighting sports. The show’s adrenaline rush is enough to keep people entertained, but it additionally includes some steamy parts that can make it more appealing overall.

“Baki” doesn’t shy away from sexual scenes at all, and there is a passionate scene where Baki and Kozue make love. That time between the two people could be the hottest scene from any of the shows on the list. This is where you can watch the show.

My Senpai Is Annoying:

Another great adult relationship anime show is My Senpai is Annoying. It’s different from teen rom-coms because it takes place in an office. Futaba Igarashi, the cute main character, is often confused for a middle school student, which is funny because she is eager to show what a junior sales rep she is.

The big and good-looking Harumi Takeda is Futaba’s senior coworker. He is friendly but a little condescending, as well as Futaba wishes he could take her more fully once in a while. Still, these coworkers might get closer as love feelings start to fly, even if they don’t agree on everything.

Love Is Like A Cocktail:

The anime show Love is Like a Cocktail was one of the shortest of all time, but adult romantic anime fans should still watch it. Every night when Chisato Mizusawa gets home from work, her loving husband Sora makes her a new mixed drink. Each show is only three minutes long.

Even though the idea is easy and sweet, the show is slightly adult because many episodes show how to make mixed drinks with alcohol. Also, Chisato doesn’t relate to kids; he does relate to people in their 20s and 30s as an office worker in love who is tired and just wants a drink after work.

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Bastard Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy:

The Four Lords of Havoc attack the kingdom of Metallicana, and the people who live there know that they will do anything to get what their evil hearts want. The High Priest Geo is put in charge of making a tough choice during a very serious emergency.

Instead of fighting them, he could use the powerful wizard Dark Schneider, who used to be a friend of the Four Lords of Havoc, but that would be risky because he might end up joining them, which would be terrible for the kingdom.

At last, Geo chooses to believe Schneider, yet it turns out that Schneider has other ideas. ‘Bastard! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy’ is one of the best shows on Netflix in its genre because of the exciting drama that happens after these events. What’s interesting is that the show doesn’t mind using sexually charged scenes to make its story more exciting.

As much as “Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy” has naked women, not many cartoons do. Since there are sexually intense scenes in nearly each episode, the show is best watched by adults.


The story of Berserk takes place in a very dark mythical world. There are some people who are thought to be able to change the world. They are called “God Hand” and have the power to decide everything.

At some point, the person on the mission has to make a decision that will affect the rest of his life: he can either follow his fate and join God’s Hand, or he can find his own way. The story is mostly about Guts, a lone soldier, and Griffith, who is in charge of a group of mercenaries called the Army of the Hawks.

Recovery Of An MMO Junkie:

The Return of an MMO Anyone who likes anime and can relate to adults looking for love, people who feel stressed through the real world, or big-time gamers who connect with their game characters more than the people around them should enjoy Junkie.

The 30-year-old Moriko Mirioka plays the lead in this anime. She just quit her office job and plans to lose herself in massive multiplayer online games, which is how the anime got its name.

Moriko will slowly start to question whether or not she made the right choice. And even though she said she would only play games, she may slowly start dating again when she meets a nice male gamer.

Then, Moriko will have to try to balance her game life with her personal life coming back to life. This makes the anime a very interesting adult story.

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The cartoon “Kakegurui” is very interesting because it’s about the subtle art of gaming. It’s based on a famous school called the Hyakkaou Private Academy. During the day, the kids go through a very normal school day.

But shortly as the sun goes down and night falls, the school hallways become cruel gaming dens. The whole point of this is to get the kids ready for the harsh real world, where every day is a risk.

A new student called Yumeko Jabami totally changes the game. Most of the kids are driven to do well at these gambling events just to get their grades up. Yumeko really enjoys gambling, and it’s this love of gambling that leads her to reveal the dishonest school officials who have taken over the games.

“Kakegurui” is a very intense cartoon where the main character is naked and Ecchi to show how much he or she loves gaming. So much does she love it that it almost makes her horny.

These days, fan service has become more of a selling point for many anime shows, especially scary shows. “Kakegurui,” on the other hand, was an excellent instance of how nakedness can be used to both attract younger men and send a strong message.

Highschool Of The Dead:

In “High School of the Dead,” violence and death happen when a zombie plague hits a society that isn’t ready for it. There is a dire threat to humanity, but people have begun to act to protect the future of the planet.

The plot of the show is interesting, and there is a lot of drama and action. However, the hot as well as curvy female characters, along with a lot of sexy moments and sexual innuendos, make it an exciting ride that viewers will definitely enjoy.

These are the 50 best echi manga of all time. If you like the famous manga and anime series High School of the Dead, you might also like these. Fans of the ecchi type will love this list, which has some of the hottest and most exciting manga series out there.

The Ice Guy And His Cool Female Colleague:

A new adult anime called The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague takes place in a normal Japanese office building, like many other adult romantic anime. The main thing that makes this one different is that a few of the characters have mild magical abilities. Himuro’s icy abilities come from his Snow Woman ancestry.

Himuro is the “ice guy” at work, with his cool exterior as well as snow-white hair, yet he has a warm heart, as well as Fuyutsuki, who works with him, likes what she sees. Soon, the two of them are going to be in a healthy relationship, with Himuro working hard to control his annoying ice skills so he can discover love like any other guy.