The 15 Best Hacking Movies You Can Watch Right Now


The 15 Best Hacking Movies You Can Watch Right Now:

Since the first home computers came out, there has been a group of people who are really into computers and are really interested in all the different ways the internet can be used.

After all, all it takes was a few quick keystrokes to get into the computer. Hacking is usually shown in current movies as something that can be done with just a few quick keystrokes to get into the computer.

Learning how to code is a lot like learning a new language; it takes more imagination to picture how to code for someone who has never done it before. The technologies upon our list today run from very new to very old, and they all show hacking in very different ways.

At the end of the 21st century, movies about hackers became very famous. These movies, from famous classics like “The Matrix” to “OG hacker” movies like “Sneakers” and “WarGames,” gave people a look into the enigmatic world of hacking.

The Italian Job:

Hacking isn’t a big part of The Italian Job, but it was one of the first movies in the 21st century to show how hacking really works.

One of the primary protagonists in the movie, Lyle, hacks into the city’s traffic systems. That way, he can control all the cars and make room for the escape cars during the famous heist scene in the movie.

The movie cuts in and out between this Fast-and-Furious-style shot as well as Lyle typing away upon his computer, with occasional glimpses of the traffic controller’s office getting more and more out of hand.


Swordfish is a silly, action-packed addition that makes me wonder, “Who did John Travolta’s character’s hair and makeup?” Criminal boss Stanley is pushed to the limit through a rich, powerful, as well as cruel crime boss.

He decides to take part in one of the many thefts to steal billions of dollars from government funds that aren’t being used. Along with the original idea of this secret online community called Swordfish, the code in this movie looks pretty real and good to look at.

Mr. Robot:

To begin, let us look at computer shows. Get ready to be hooked upon the hacker web series Mr. Robot if you want to watch a drama based on very real technological threats, like having your device hacked while you’re drinking coffee at Starbucks or being hit with a data attack through Bluetooth.

Elliot Alderson is the main character of the story. He is a skilled hacker and computer expert who also has social anxiety disorder as well as severe depression.

His life is turned upside down when Mr. Robot asks him to become part of a group of hacktivists who want to take down the world’s biggest banking company. There are real methods, code, and tools used in all of the hacking scenes within the movie. So get into the world of hackers, but be careful it can be hard to stop.

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Before he played the famous god Thor, Chris Hemsworth played a computer hacker named Nicholas Hathaway in the movie Blackhat.

An attack upon the Chicago Mercantile Trade Exchange is shown at the beginning of the movie. Because of this attack, the FBI steps in and brings on Mr. Hathaway, a guilty hacker, to help stop the attackers.

Throughout the film, Hathaway is in charge of the series, which shows how a fallen hero rises to power. If she has the right skills, Hathaway might be the only one who can stop the bad people who are behind these cyberattacks.

The Fifth Estate:

In The Fifth Estate, inspired by Julian Assange as well as his work with foreign governments, the story of the controversial founder of WikiLeaks is told over and over again.

Together with a coworker named Daniel Domscheit-Berg, Julian sets up a news group to reveal wrongdoings and crimes by the government. But even though it’s not the best hacking movie, the story is very real and interesting, as well as Cumberbatch gives a strong performance.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo:

This movie is based on a best-selling Swedish series. It’s about a girl who gets payback and is strong, dark, and interesting. Hans-Erik Wennerstrom, a businessman, sued Mikael Blomkvist for a lot of money, and now the writer is trying to put his life and work back together.

In return for proof against Wennerstrom, a rich man asks him to look into the possible murder of his granddaughter Helen, who went missing 40 years ago. Blomkvist asks Lisbeth Salander, a skilled detective and hacker, to help with his probe.

Blomkvist writes a harsh editorial about Salander’s hacking skills, which she uses to help her with Blomkvist’s investigation into Wennerstrom’s crimes after she solves the murder.


Tron is the best example of the traditional tale of a hacker going up against a big bad company. The plot centers on a smart computer engineer whose work has been stolen through the company’s boss.

In order to stop this, the main character of the story tries to hack into the system to find proof of this theory. However, he is sent to a digital world where he has to fight the main character of the story only in digital form. This exciting story was worth seeing within its original form or even better in Tron Legacy, which came out in 2010.

Live Free Or Die Hard:

Living Free or Die Hard is the most action-packed movie on this list. It’s also a great addition to the Die Hard series and deserves to be on this list.

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John McClane brings within a young computer hacker to question him for yet another routine task, but in the end he uses his skills against a bigger enemy who is getting into the national computer system to bring down American society.

Even though this movie isn’t really about hacking, Timothy Olyphant’s main enemy is very interesting and shows what computer information can do when it gets into the wrong hands.

The Social Network:

The US historical drama movie tells the story of Mark Zuckerberg, who started Facebook. The movie is based on Ben Mezrich’s book The Accidental Billionaires. David Kirkpatrick, who wrote The Facebook Effect, claimed that the movie is just 40% real and has a lot of made-up events. However, you should still watch it.

We learn about true friendship as well as loneliness, affection and betrayal, and the man who turned an idea into a big, multibillion-dollar business in The Social Network.

This story is moving because it shows how technology can bring old friends back together and change the world. People who are interested in business, technology, and social media will like this move, but anyone can watch it.


Takedown was one of the movies upon this list that many people may not have heard of. After it came out, it was the subject of a lot of debate, rumors that were later proven to be wrong, and even a lawsuit.

The story is about Kevin Mitnick, one of the most famous hackers, and how he is eventually caught. In light of this, the details of this story read more like a Hollywood dream than like a made-up account of Mitnick’s arrest.

Many reviewers said this movie about hacking didn’t do a good job of showing what hacking is really like, while others said it had some really exciting parts. A divisive movie about hackers that should be on the list. The story of one of the more famous hackers of all time is interesting, though.


Sneakers was a classic example of a “get the team together” heist movie. It has a lot of clever story twists and turns. Martin, a computer hacker, and his team of experts are supposed to test the security systems of several companies.

However, they are tricked into taking a powerful hacking tool, which creates a bigger moral problem for our characters. This movie has a unique quality that makes it different from the others on the list, even though it’s mostly about puzzles and mind games.

What Am I:

Who Am I is about a young man named Benjamin who doesn’t fit in with his peers and is lost within his own thoughts yet immersed in the internet world.

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Now that’s where he puts upon a hacker mask and becomes a real hacker. Later, he meets other people who like to cause trouble online, and the three of them start CLAY, a group whose goal is to hack and shame big companies.

The Fifth Estate:

This partly imaginary thriller tells the story of how Julian Assange as well as Daniel Domscheit-Berg worked together to make WikiLeaks, one of the strongest digital watchdog groups in the world.

WikiLeaks mostly released information that came from unknown sources, successful hacking attacks, as well as people who had too much access and were ready to share it with everyone.

A lot of the process is shown in this movie after the hacking has already happened, yet the narrative does a good job of showing how people who work closely with hackers feel every day.

Even though WikiLeaks is controversial, most people say that by releasing secret papers, it gave the world a strong alternative to the media story. One bad thing about this was that private information about good people was leaked. This is one reason why WikiLeaks is not widely praised today.


Wargames, an 80s classic that fits well with other sci-fi movies from that era, is the oldest as well as most nostalgic movie upon this list. David, a young computer and video game fan, gets into a military central computer by mistake because he thinks it’s a game.

This causes chaos in the military on a global level. This movie is the oldest on this list, so the hacking is shown as a very simple black-and-green screen with everyday language to keep people interested.


In GoldenEye, James Bond as well as Alec Trevelyan, who used to be friends but are now foes, fight in an epic battle as Bond tries to stop GoldenEye, a nuclear weapon, from killing the world. In 1986, Bond sees Trevelyan, another MI6 spy, killed by the head of a Soviet chemical weapons factory that they have broken into.

After destroying the spot, he gets away. After many years, an electromagnetic pulse destroys a spot in Siberia that he is keeping an eye on. After more research, it was found that the weapon was a Soviet-era satellite with a nuclear electromagnetic pulse space weapon called GoldenEye.

The fact that the attack could only be done with high-level military access makes Bond think a retired general is involved. He learns that Trevelyan faked his own death and wants to get revenge for the deaths of his parents.

In an exciting scene, Bond fights Trevelyan and then runs off with Natalaya. But their plans to spend time alone together are cut short when they are taken to Guantánamo.