The 16 Most Emotional Anime Shows You Can Watch Right Now On Netflix Are


The 16 Most Emotional Anime Shows You Can Watch Right Now On Netflix Are:

Some anime shows will make you cry so hard you can’t stop, while others will leave you feeling sad and empty. Some of the most popular shows, like “Naruto,” have sad, heartbreaking parts that can give you chills.

For those who have been fans of anime for a while, you may know that it has some very scary parts that stay alongside you for a long time. Because of this, if you’ve watched a lot of anime over the years, you may know that it has some scary shows that have stuck alongside you for a long time.

We’ve already talked about the sad deaths of our favorite characters within a different plan, and we also have a list of the best sad anime shows ever.

Now that OTT services such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, and others are more well-known, anime movies are easier for people all over the world to watch.

These are some of the greatest anime movies that Netflix has to give both new and old fans. Fans love it when anime movies make them feel a lot of different emotions.

My Happy Marriage:

“My Happy Marriage,” or “Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon,” is a difficult story about love and pain that is often very moving to watch.

The cartoon is based on Akumi Agitogi’s Japanese light book series of the exact same name. It tells a touching story about a child who overcomes pain to find love, acceptance, and happiness.

In it, Miyo Saimori loses her mother soon after she is born, and after that, her life is full of tragedy after tragedy.

When her dad gets married again, he has a daughter called Kaya alongside his new wife. Even though this is good news for the family, Miyo ends up being treated like a worker and doesn’t get any more care from them.

Over time, she gives up on ever being content and accepted her fate. One day, she learns that she is going to be married soon to Kiyoka Kudou, who is the boss of the important Kudou family.

Before they meet, Miyo thinks that he will also treat her badly, so she is happily surprised when everything goes well. She finally has hope of finding joy and tranquility after years of being abused by her family who didn’t care about her.

Japan Sinks:

Masaaki Yuasa and Pyeon-Gang Ho are in charge of making the drama film “Japan Sinks: 2020.” People are left to fight for themselves after an earthquake shakes the whole Japanese island, which makes things worse for the calm Mutou family.

Japanese men, women, and children must do terrible things to stay alive as society falls apart. This story of escape is moving and will stay with you.

Howl’s Moving Castle:

Sophie doesn’t have big plans for her life. She is the humble as well as hardworking daughter of a hatmaker. People in town are crazy about Howl because he is good-looking and is known for chasing women. Sophie makes the Witch of the Waste angry, because she has a grudge against Howl from the past.

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Sophie is cursed alongside the body of an old woman, and she has to go with Howl and his strange friends into a war that has split up her city. Sophie learns what a kind and honest guy Howl is, even if he is a bit lazy, as she lives with and interacts with him in Howl’s Moving Castle.

Kotaro Lives Alone:

Kotarou Satou is 4 years old and lives by himself for some reason that no one can explain. So when Shin Karino, his friend and manga artist, meets him for the initial time, he wants to know more about him.

Soon, the other people who live in the apartment complex meet Kotarou as well as decide to take care of him, but they have no idea who his family is.

“Kotaro Lives Alone” is mostly a fun show to watch, but there are times when the dark truth regarding Satou’s past is finally revealed, showing how much mental load he is bringing around even though he is young.

It’s clear that at least a single of his parents has neglected him, and the negative effects of family arguments have been very bad for his mental health.

Grave Of The Fireflies:

The studio Ghibli, which is known for making sad animations, is in charge of making the anime film Grave of the Fireflies. Not only does the movie have a moving plot, but it also has a single of the saddest cartoon deaths.

The movie takes place in Japan after World War II and is about two children who are fighting to stay alive. In the movie, Setsuko, a four-year-old girl, learns how bad life can be. Her bigger brother tries very hard to take care of her, but he fails in the end.

She gives Setsuko a small piece of melons and then goes to get more food. He had no idea that the tiny piece of fruit was his sister’s last meal. Grave of the Fireflies was a lot more sad because it’s based on a real event.

The Wind Rises:

Italian aviator Giovanni Battista Caproni is Jiro Horikoshi’s hero, and he wants to be like him. Because he is nearsighted, Horikoshi can’t follow his dream of becoming a pilot. He is going to Tokyo Imperial University to study to be an aviation engineer.

The Wind Rises is about Jiro Horikoshi and the 20 years that pass between the big earthquake in Japan in 1923 and the end of World War II. When things get hard, like when his country is at war and his lover dies too soon, Jiro’s love, perseverance, and determination are put to the test.

Vampire In The Garden:

‘Vampire in the Garden’ on Netflix takes fans to a fantastical world where humans and vampires have been fighting for hundreds of years.

Fear has obviously been terrible for both sides as well as has made people hate each other so much that it seems impossible for them to live together peacefully. During this very confusing time, a young survivor called Momo meets the vampire queen Fine as well as finds that they both want peace.

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As they get to know each other better, the two go on a dangerous quest to find a place where humans and vampires can live together without damaging each other. Even though the show is about a painful conflict, it’s Fine and Momo’s friendship that really makes it moving.


When it comes to sad anime movies on Netflix, Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms is one of the worst. This amazing anime movie on Netflix is about a woman named Maquia who’s from the famous Iroph race. They are eternal and don’t associate with people or things in the world.

Things get worse for them when a king who wants power chooses to attack and kill most of the people living there. The young child Maquia finds in the middle of all the chaos will be raised by her. If you watch the drama movie, you might cry.

Garden Of Words:

Garden of Words by Makoto Shinkai shows how hard it is for lonely people who want to fit in. This movie is about a high school teacher as well as a student, and it shows how they deal with the huge weight of being alone.

Garden of Words shows how important it is for everyone, of any age or gender, to have a real link and talk in their life, for reasons like bullying and for general happiness. This movie makes most people cry because it tells a heartbreaking story.

A Whisker Away:

Nakitai Watashi wa Neko wo Kaburu, or “A Whisker Away,” by Studio Colorido is about a high school student called Miyo Sasaki who deals with problems in her family by showing her crush, Kento Hinode, how she loves him in unusual ways.

rather than having a normal conversation, she listens to his fears while she is in cat form. This puts her in a situation where she has to decide whether to stay nameless or show who she really is.

Miyo’s story and her relationship with her boyfriend deal with a lot of tough teen problems and are sometimes very moving. A lot of individuals who like different kinds of love stories should see this movie.

I Want To Eat Your Pancreas:

This love story is another sad movie that fans may view on Netflix. The movie is about a shy reader as well as a high school student named Haruki Shiga.

He doesn’t care about or seem interested in anything. He is also sure that no one is thinking about him. He changes his life after he finds the book Residing alongside Dying. This is Yamauchi Sakura’s notebook, a well-known student.

5 Centimeters Per Second:

Some star-crossed loves have painful endings and never get over losing their soulmates. This book is about the hard truths of long-distance relationships as well as loves who get separated.

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This cartoon movie shows what happens when a relationship ends in real life, and it hits a point with most watchers.

In this love story, Tataki and Akari, the main characters, go through a hard time where they don’t make any new memories. As they live their different lives half-heartedly, they hurt each other and the individuals around them.

Vinland Saga:

Thorfinn has always been interested in stories about a faraway land that sounds like a dream and offers peace and love, unlike the harsh Icelandic village where he was born.

From a very young age, he has been around violence and death, and things keep getting worse as the war between the English and the Danes gets worse.

Thorfinn has to deal with the sad facts of his life while also killing Askeladd for killing his father as a way to get even. “Vinland Saga” shows how Thorfinn grows up with a deep hate for everyone, but he slowly learns that his thoughtless desire for revenge is making him sick.

Millions of people around the world have been moved by the moving story of forgiveness and its powerful message of peace. This makes it a must-see for anyone looking for anime that might change their life.

In This Corner Of The World:

This anime movie is about an eighteen-year-old girl who has to deal with the terrible effects of World War II. It is a sad but moving story. Suzu is a girl from Hiroshima who is innocent and good.

Whatever the case, she moves in with her husband when she turns 18. Even though Japan is now involved in the war, she tries to settle down. But after the Hiroshima bombs go off, her whole life changes.

Weathering With You:

As the story goes on, Hodaka Morishima, a boy from the country, runs away from his hometown and works as a printer in Tokyo to make money. When he saves Hina Amano from some bad guys, they become friends. Hina is a very smart girl who can change the weather and make Tokyo sunny when it’s raining.

As luck would have it, they fall in love and do everything they can to make their relationship last, even if it means giving up their home. Hina turns into a sunshine girl and can pray for the sun to come out. All gifts, though, come with a price that few people can pay.

Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop:

Yui Cherry Sakura was a shy teenager who likes to write haiku to describe himself. At some point, he met a girl named Yuki Smile Hoshino at an aid center. She is becoming an advocate and likes to bring good vibes with her everywhere she goes.

Even though they had very different personalities, the two teens hit it off right away and began to feel romantic feelings for each other. Their relationship is stronger because they both want to reach the same goals at work, yet will they ever say how they really feel?