The 2022 results are released by the Infusion Games studio


The 2022 results are released by the Infusion Games studio

The makers of Cyber Wars and Arena Heroes, Infusion Games, wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and share their annual results. The studio continues to function independently, accepts cooperation approaches, and continues to attract investors despite the present status of the sector.

Cyber Wars was designed as a cyberpunk mobile shooter featuring flying automobiles and outstanding visuals. The multiplayer PvP mode and limitless customization choices immerse players in a future world teeming with activity.

In the meanwhile, development on Arena Heroes, a PvP MMO RPG battler, commenced. It is a bright, lively game with a variety of heroes and villains from every conceivable culture. Michael Jackson against Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Easily!

In 2022, the firm created a technological stack and started working with DisruptionX on collaborative development for their Web3 platform, including AI for tailored adaptive in-game advertising. In 2023, our two firms will create a combined venture.

The number of workers has grown by 55 during the last year. A portion of the staff is located in Turkey, and the organisation actively assists relocating additional personnel. Large villas were specifically hired for this purpose.

Currently, the studio continues to operate autonomously while aggressively seeking a strategic partner.

Our games were entertaining. We want to launch two worldwide initiatives in the first half of 2023, after which we will aggressively win markets and expand our audience. We will also continue to build the firm and compete with the market’s major competitors.

Infusion Games is a 2019-founded European studio. It has three games in development as of present, including Cyber Wars, a mobile cyberpunk shooter featuring flying vehicles.

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“Despite challenging times for game companies, thanks to accurate and productive metrics, Infusion Games continues to attract investments and connect with venture capital funds. In the last four months alone, the studio has raised a total of $850,000,” says Nikolay Shubin, the studio’s founder.

Cyber Wars is a vehicle shooter featuring a PvP multiplayer option and infinite kickass action, set in a gorgeous dystopian future.

Arena Heroes is a 2D cartoon turn-based collecting RPG-battle game with a substantial meta-game.