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The 6 hidden details in the most carefree photo sequence of the Messi family

The first of the photos, with a histrionic Messi in the photo (@antonelaroccuzzo)
The first of the photos, with a histrionic Messi in the photo (@antonelaroccuzzo)

“The best time of day”. With that brief text, Antonela Roccuzzo accompanied the sequence of photos that revolutionized Instagram this Thursday. Businesswoman and wife of Lionel Messi he opened the doors of his family’s privacy in three images of his home in Casteldefels. There, she, la Pulga and her three children (Thiago, Mateo and Ciro) posed relaxed on the couch, acting carefree in a postcard that was all the rage and garnered almost 600,000 “likes” in just one hour.

Mateo on his mother’s shoulder, little Ciro in the middle, Thiago leaning on his father. In the first photo they appear smiling; in the next, they stick out their tongues (including the Barcelona striker; the only one who only smiles with an open mouth is Antonela) and in the last they blow a kiss at the camera.

The serial publication generated different types of reactions and an observation Detailed allows access to six details hidden, or detectable to the keen eye. For example one of the “likes” inside the waterfall belongs to Georgina Rodríguez, Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner, antagonist of the Argentine, although only within the field of play.

Plus? Children They appear with superhero clothes, more precisely, Spider-Man and Captain America, a constant in the different postcards offered by the couple on their social networks. Another that appears often in photos in children’s rooms or even in images of car trips is Batman.

Tongue out for everyone, except for the lady of the house (@antonelaroccuzzo)
Tongue out for everyone, except for the lady of the house (@antonelaroccuzzo)

In the sequence there is a sixth inhabitant. One of the two poodles that the family has (Abú and Toby) appears in the background, although it is not very interested in gaining prominence in the photos. The other mascot is Hulk, the giant dog that Messi usually plays soccer with in the park.

On the left wrist, Antonela exhibits her Apple Watch Series 6, with which it has already appeared in other images. It has a value of $ 400.

Messi, one of the most talented left-handers in world sport throughout history, appears using his mobile phone … with his right hand. However, in his more than 15 years of successful career, he has proven that with his right leg he is also fearsome.

And network users did not miss the attitudes and gestures of Mateo Messi, the most charismatic of the children in the photographic saga. He omitted, for instance, to stretch his lips at the image of the kiss. But it came to the fore; is the first to appear. And in capturing smiles among the fans of one of the most famous families on the planet.

A kiss for all the followers ... Less from Mateo, in the foreground (@antonelaroccuzzo)
A kiss for all the followers … Less from Mateo, in the foreground (@antonelaroccuzzo)

The sympathetic, tender and carefree sequence shows La Pulga apart from the rumors about his future and the controversy that was generated by the leak of the supposed figures of his contract, from the publication of the newspaper The world. It comes from being transcendent in the two victories of his team this week (against Athletic Bilbao for the League and in the historic comeback against Granada for the Copa del Rey), while there was a round trip between PSG and Barcelona for the statements of Ángel Di María, who underlined: “Play with Messi? Yes, hopefully, I think there are many possibilities, I have to be calm, think about my own thing and continue in Paris because I am very happy here ”.

The attacker’s contract with the Blaugrana cast ends on June 30, but he has not yet defined what he will do. What is clear is that he will continue to enjoy the family he built with Antonela, as could be seen in his wife’s post.


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