The amazing story of this amazing beggar: 900,000 rupees in begging, donated this way, know


Corona VIrus: A beggar who roams the streets of Madurai has deposited Rs 90000 in the Kovid Relief Fund. It sounds a bit strange to hear, but it is true. The name of the beggar is Poolpandian whose district collector T.G. was impressed by this commendable work done for the society. The award has been given by Vinay. Poolpandian has so far donated Rs 90,000 to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund through the district administration through begging. Also Read – Viral: Beggar has done such an example, donated thousands of rupees for Kovid Relief …

Donation of 10-10 thousand nine times Also Read – Corona Virus Bihar: 3257 new patients of Corona found again, total positive 109,893

According to the information, PoolPandian made his first donation of Rs 10,000 to the Chief Minister Relief Fund for the first time on 18 May. After this, he reached the Collector office eight times with money and he has donated 10,000 rupees each time on his behalf. In all, he has donated an amount of 10-10 thousand rupees in nine times. Also Read – Hostess Club’s eight sex workers found Corona positive, getting searched, who spent the night

This time, on the occasion of Independence Day, the name of Poolpandian was also included in the list of awardees by the District Collector, but he could not be honored that day. Because on the day when they were searched for the award, they could not be found. They do not live in one place. After this, when he came to deposit the money in the relief fund for the ninth time, he was brought directly to the collector’s room and was honored.

Gives money to government school
Poolpandians are native to Tuticorin district. They started begging because of poverty and neglect of their loved ones because both their sons refused to take care of them. Earlier, he had also donated money to government schools to buy tables, chairs and to provide water facilities.


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