The Art Of Crime Season 7 Expected Release Date: Is It Renewed For Another Season?


For all of you who like to watch crime shows! We’ve got you covered here with a new French crime drama series. And it’s not just a French crime show. You’ll also get to love the story sequences that show how the police have been trying to figure out why the crime happened.

The TV show has become a crazy thing to watch, particularly during the new Luncheon International Film Festival. For those of you who don’t know! The show has been a big hit since it came out, and right after it came out, it was renewed for six more seasons.
Since there are a total of six seasons, the previous and last sixth seasons ended with a huge cliffhanger, giving us hope for a new seventh season.

Is The Art of Crime season 7 canceled or renewed?

As of right now, there has been a total of 6 seasons of this great crime drama show. It seems hard to renew the show for a seventh season and keep the concept and story going, even though fans are very eager for that to happen. And when the public wants something, designers like Angele Herry Leclerc don’t make any excuses. So, the studio has clarified that the show will continue for a seventh season, which is where it is getting its story right now.

The Art of Crime Season 7 Plot

The main reason why The Art of Crime is so popular is because of how interesting its story is. All of the actors in this show make it so much more than just a series. It’s about a cop who shapes an unlikely partnership with a seasoned professional in the field to solve hard criminal cases.
Season 6’s high-quality episodes have set a very high bar for season 7 of this show. Although the studio has affirmed that the show will continue for a seventh season, the story for the next season continues to be worked on. So, there hasn’t been any news about what could happen in the next season.

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The Art of Crime Season 7 Cast

Check out the list of characters from The Art of Crime below:

  • Nicolas Gob as Antoine Verlay
  • Eléonore Bernheim as Florence Chassagne
  • Benjamin Egner as Alexandre Pardo
  • Philippe Duclos as Pierre Chassagne
  • Farida Rahouadj as Psychologue Florence
  • Emmanuel Noblet as Hugo Prieur
  • Ambroise Sabbagh as Greg Blanqui
  • Dounia Coesens as Juliette Mariton
  • Salomé Partouche as Adèle Attias
  • Nicolas Wanczycki
  • Zuri François, as Thomas Verlay
  • Gavril Dartevelle as Maxime Verlay
  • Nicolas Marié as Michel Toussaint
  • Delphine Braillon, as Procureur Berger
  • Charlotte Adrien as Laurie Verlay
  • Bertrand Combe as Claude Monet
  • Stéphane Wojtowicz as Bertrand: Le majordome
  • Louis-Do de Lencquesaing as Charles Varane
  • Joséphine Dra as Emilie Bazin
  • Bertrand Nadler as Antoine Watteau
  • Alexia Barlier as Marie Seghers
  • Julien Boisselier as Jérôme Kalanskii

What happened at the end of The Art of Crime Season 6?

Since every episode of every season has been distinct, the last episode of season 6 was incredibly well done in terms of acting and making. In episode 2, the case centered on a dead woman who was found in a catacomb with a stake through her heart. Episode 2 raised the bar for everything.

The Arts of Crime Season 7 Release Date

Is there a set date for when The Art of Crime Season 7 will be out? Well, as we already said, fans have also been eager to find out if there might be a new season. But it’s good to know that the show’s creators have renewed it for a seventh season. So, we can say there’s going to be a new seventh season based on this.

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Some people in the audience or among the readers might not know about the series. Angele-Herry-Leclerc and Pierre-Yves Mora wrote the scripts for this French-based TV show.
It hasn’t been that long since the first new season came out. According to reports, the first season of the show came out on November 17, 2017. After that, many more seasons came out over the next 5 years. For those who don’t already know! On December 19, 2022, the last and sixth seasons of the TV show Arts of Crime were shown for the first time.

Where can I watch The Art of Crime series?

As of right now, you can easily stream the Art of Crime series on popular streaming sites like MHZ. So, if you would like to catch up on the show right now, you can do so via this platform, and you can also watch all the previous seasons.

The Art of Crime rating

Fans really like this show, and the only reason it’s still on is that fans want it to. This just means that The Art of Crime has gotten a lot of high marks and good reviews. The achievement of any show, including this one, depends on how well the audience reacts. The Art of Crime has a good score of 7.1 out of 10 on IMDb and won an award at a film festival.

Is the show worth watching?

Season 6 of The Art of Crime is a great addition to the show, with murder cases that get darker and more mysterious as the viewer gets closer to the truth and harder to solve. In fact, this show is a delight for fans of crime dramas, and each character’s performance has made a big difference in the show.

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So, it’s not hard to see why the tv series has been so popular. The tv series will always be there, no matter how often awards are given. The fact that this is happening shows that the show is very good, just like how The Art of Crime has been praised by critics and has a lot of viewers. Because of what it has to offer, The Art of Crime is a great show to watch. If you like major crime thrillers with new plots, The Art of Criminal is the show for you.