The authors of Returnal see the purchase of PlayStation as an opportunity to be “wilder”


Housemarque has already teased general details about its next game, which will have ideas discarded from its roguelike.

Returnal was one of the games last year’s most amazing, because it is an experience that, signed by a Housemarque under the protection of PlayStation, offers a quite demanding challenge. Despite this, the authors want to continue taking advantage of the power of this kind of proposals and have already warned us that the ideas discarded from their title will be used in a new game.

Now that we’ve been bought by Sony, we have a clue to get even wilderEevi KorhonenA declaration of intent that, as is evident, can be carried out with the help of PlayStation. In this sense, Housemarque is aware that the purchase of his studio has allowed them to boost even more in the video game market, and they want to continue taking advantage of this opportunity with the developer’s next titles.


so he said Eevi Korhonenthe studio’s narrative designer, in an interview with VGC: “We’ve grown a lot as a team. We didn’t know what Returnal was going to become when we started building it. Now that we’ve figured it out and the formula has worked so well, we’re looking at what to do. Now that we’ve been bought by Sony, we have a clue to be even wilderwith all that financial support and stability.

This is not the first time that Housemarque has spoken well of PlayStation, as it is also confident that the model of its new PS Plus will help more players dare to try the adventure. Because, although this proposal has stood out for its high difficulty, in our Returnal analysis you can read how its history and graphics end up being combined with a frenetic action that has left us speechless.

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