The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart Took Way Too Long With That Brandon And Julia Twist


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Spoilers forward for the Might Four episode of The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart.

The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart is right down to 4 musical {couples} following the Might Four episode after dropping 4 contestants by the point the credit rolled. As a substitute of two pairs being eradicated at a rose ceremony, nevertheless, two hopefuls selected to depart early, and it was all because of the twist involving Julia Rae and Brandon Mills, and Listen to Your Heart took approach too lengthy to get to that twist.

The episode blended up the way it handles its dates by sending hopefuls out for adventures with any individual aside from their major squeeze, which appeared all however designed particularly to extend the drama of the Sheridan Reed/Julia Rae/Brandon Mills/Savannah McKinkley love sq.. Brandon and Julia have been paired off for a date, however did not go away with out dropping some reassuring phrases on Savannah and Sheridan.

Sadly for Savannah and Sheridan, the sparks reignited between Julia and Brandon as soon as they went off to jot down a track collectively, which was considerably predictably referred to as “Readability.” Julia was left decided that she needed Brandon over Sheridan, whereas Brandon was rather less clear.

Again on the home, Julia wasted no time in dropping the reality on Sheridan, and he dealt with it with simply sufficient justified frustration and resentment that I instantly grew to become firmly Staff Sheridan, particularly when Julia began complaining about how he was dealing with the heartbreak she was inflicting on him.

Brandon’s dialog with Savannah was rather less black and white. He was clearly nonetheless considering pursuing a relationship together with her, however he wasn’t able to nix Julia, and Savannah wasn’t prepared to just accept being a alternative, not to mention being a second alternative. Contemplate me Staff Julia too!

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Each Sheridan and Savannah willingly left, and Julia and Brandon could not have appeared far more self-centered. Actually, if this was a standard season of The Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise, I’d assume this was the episode that firmly established the villains of the season. Or, on the very least, the Blake Horstmann and Kristina Schulman of Listen to Your Heart!

Sadly, The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart delivered this Brandon/Julia twist 4 episodes right into a six-episode season, so there wasn’t time for viewers to actually savor the drama and watch the fallout and judgment within the aftermath of Sheridan and Savannah deciding to depart. Just about all people appeared to like Sheridan!

It does not assist that Julia and Brandon have been eradicated on the finish of the episode, so the drama does not even lengthen into the fifth episode. If solely The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart was working for greater than six episodes, or if solely the present was working for 12 weeks of one-hour episodes as a substitute of six weeks of two-hour episodes, the juiciness of this twist would not be wasted.

I need to have the time to resent Julia and Brandon, and to baselessly surprise if Sheridan and Savannah may make a love connection over what occurred to them, and to surprise if the circumstances of Julia and Brandon’s coupling would lead to a foul efficiency. (They did.)

If Listen to Your Heart had delivered Natascha Bessez spilling the beans to Julia about Brandon proper earlier than they took the stage on the finish of the episode and even teased Natascha’s bombshell, I’d have been wanting ahead to subsequent week, and I say that as any individual who hasn’t particularly been having fun with Listen to Your Heart.

The present took approach too lengthy to get to this place, and this twist should not have occurred in Episode Four when there are solely two episodes left. It is not just like the Bachelor franchise hasn’t gotten artistic with modifying previously, proper? I may have began to care a lot extra about Listen to Your Heart if I would had time to savor the drama. Chris Harrison did float the opportunity of including episodes, in spite of everything!

See what occurs in the remaining The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart with new episodes airing ABC Mondays at eight p.m. ET.

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