The Batman: Enigma villain will have his own drink

Mountain Dew will launch a soft drink coinciding with The Batmanby Matt Reeves. To be specific: it will be inspired by one of the most important enemies, Enigma.

Best Products says (via Batman News) that PepsiCo will launch “Riddler’s Brew”, which would translate as “Enigma’s Brew,” a new limited edition and new flavor of Mountain Dew to celebrate the launch of The Batman in 2022. The soda will have a dark blue color, similar to the flavor of cherry, which was released in 2012 in conjunction with the movie Batman: The Legend Rises.

Last year at the DC FanDome, director Matt Reeves showed off some of the Batman reboot for the first time, with a first trailer showing the new suit, the Batmobile and more details of the film’s cast. The trailer also featured an Enigma puzzle and some fans have even pulled the code.

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