The Battle for Customers Inside the Indian Gambling Industry


When you think of the big gambling countries around the world, India isn’t one that would instantly spring to mind. However, that is quickly becoming the case, despite many grey areas around the gambling laws in the country. Thanks to the technological breakthrough in India, we can enjoy really high-quality Indian slots like Bons India casino!

Although many question marks hang over gambling as a whole in the country, covering sports betting, casino gaming and more, the push for customers from providers is as strong as it has ever been.

Many people from India are turning to gambling, choosing what appeals to them most and looking for ways to get involved. The Luckydice guide to gambling is a typical example of the help out there for those who want to play casino games or place bets, meaning that new gamblers can quickly pick up the required knowledge.

Offering a Personal Service to Indian Customers

Companies from countries around the world are trying to attract Indian customers to their service. The way they are doing this is by offering them a personal service. This means that Indian players can play in Rupees, they can use local payment methods to add funds to their account, play local favourite games and get bonuses and promotions tailored for them.

This is big worldwide companies changing elements of their service to make it personal towards one particular country in order to gain new customers. If you look at the leaders from this world in the latest business news, then you will see companies who adapt and make things work.

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It is that model which has been adapted by the bookmakers and casinos who are targeting the Indian market, they are trying to put together the best possible Indian service for fans.

More to Come if Indian Gambling Rules Change?

Key to remember about all of this though is the fact that companies are changing their service and putting new things together especially for India, without full and true Indian gambling laws in place that can confirm their ability to do that.

There has been much speculation about the gambling laws in India, and whether anything will ever be changed by the authorities. It would certainly add more security for those who are looking to get involved further, even players in the country or companies who are targeting it.

In terms of sports, with fully legal and regulated gambling, we could see bookmakers look to support and sponsor events such as the T20 IPL tournament in India, in an attempt to further enhance their image in the country.

For casinos, promoting the fact that they offer local games such as Teen Patti would be high on the agenda, showing Indian players that their local games are all available online. This too could be done through sponsorship, so in both instances, we would see money coming into the Indian business market by sponsorship, if rules were changed to allow this to happen and legal gambling to take place.

The future is promising, but there is still a lot to work out with gambling in India.