The Beach House That Mila Kunis As Well As Ashton Kutcher Own In Santa Barbara Is For Rent


The Beach House That Mila Kunis As Well As Ashton Kutcher Own In Santa Barbara Is For Rent:

Between the Santa Ynez Mountains as well as the Pacific Ocean, between the couple’s tiny “home away from home,” is a treasure trove of small design ideas. Mila Kunis as well as Ashton Kutcher have become the latest stars to list their homes on Airbnb. This seems to be a strange new trend.

Just two weeks after Gwyneth Paltrow put her Montecito cottage on the market, That 70’s Show stars Ashton and Mila announced that they would rent their beach house for one night for free through Airbnb.

Now That The Listing Is Up On Airbnb, You Can Get This Deal For Free:

In an Instagram video, Ashton told Mila, “I have a really stupid idea.” “I think we should let people we don’t know stay alongside us at the beach.” And he did that. The post is now up on Airbnb, but you have to act fast because the stay is this Saturday, August 19.

On Sunday, August 19, the stars of That ’70s Show will personally greet the lucky guests at the beach house for the low, low price of nothing. The house is right next door to the couple’s main house upon the land, which has six bedrooms and cost them $10 million to buy in 2017.

Panoramic Views Of The Waves Crashing As Well As The Santa Ynez Mountains Make For A Peaceful Stay:

There are peaceful views of the breaking waves as well as the Santa Ynez Mountains, which make it an ideal spot for a low-key getaway. In the Airbnb ad, the stars said, “Our beach house in Santa Barbara County was our home away from home, particularly when we need some R&R.”

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They say, “Our beach house in Santa Barbara County was our home far from home, especially when we need some R&R.” The house is surrounded by the ocean and the mountains, so it has beautiful views of two of Southern California’s most beautiful natural features. The hot tub on the deck is the best place to take in these views.

Mila And Ashton Decided To Hide Their Glasses By Putting Them On A Hanging Shelf:

The couple says, “It’s just steps from the beach and has stunning views of the Santa Ynez mountains. There are lots of things to see and do to make your summer stay memorable.” Inside, though, smart ideas for designing small rooms really come into play.

Aside from the home’s white and blue color scheme, which makes it look bigger, it has smartly placed shelves, which are best seen within the kitchen.

Mila and Ashton didn’t want to use their window to store things, so they put a hanging shelf above their cabinets and put their glassware there. This turned useful things into ornaments.

There Was A Bunk Bed As Well As A Hidden Bed In The Second Room:

When it involves beds, the area is just as useful. In addition to the master bedroom suite, the house has an additional bedroom with a bunk bed and a single bed tucked away in a corner.

Even if you don’t care about the interiors, there are other great things about this item that you should know about. Not only that, but both of them are going to be there to personally meet the guests when they arrive, and they will eat and snack with them in the beachfront property.

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Airbnb Has Said They Will Give A One Time Donation To The Charity Thorn To Mark The Event:

“Plus, we’ll take some photos together to remember your time in SoCal,” says the couple. Airbnb has said that they are giving a one-time gift to the charity Thorn to mark the event. The stay will cost the guests nothing. Through the description, you can find out more.

The complimentary one-night stay can be booked starting these days at 10 a.m. PT. To mark the relationship, Airbnb will give a one-time gift to Thorn, the charity Kutcher and his ex-girlfriend Demi Moore started. The group comes up with new ways to stop sexual abuse of children.