The best memes of Lady Dimitrescu and her height seen by networks


Capcom has revolutionized the networks this week when it confirmed the height of Lady Dimitrescu, the character who has already become an icon of Resident Evil Village, the next installment of the franchise. As expected, Memes have appeared incessantly and even other companies and video game studios have not been able to avoid creating their own. What have been the best we have seen?

The best memes of Lady Dimitrescu seen so far

Probably it was xbox the one who opened the ban with one of the finest Lady Dimitrescu memes we’ve ever seen. Playing with the newly confirmed height of the character they made a meme including one of their own memes: that of the Xbox Series X fridge. Remember that it was one of the comparisons that were made when the appearance of the console and the company was first shown. He took advantage of it to his advantage, sending these coolers to some personalities and influencers.

Yes, Here they compared the height of Dimitrescu with an Xbox Series X and with the famous refrigerator. Guess who wins.

But it was not the only video game company that wanted to make a comparison and came Remedy, creators of Max Payne or Alan Wake, to add another very different comparison. In it some enemies and creatures of Control were taken, his latest video game, compared to the height of Lady Dimitrescu and Jesse Faden, the protagonist of this work. Here the results are somewhat different.

The fact that companies took advantage of the recently confirmed height of Lady Dimitrescu to buy it with their own products was also common, as in the case of The cat and its product line.

This is not a meme as such, but in Ninja Theory wanted to respond to the official statement from Resident Evil with the new height of Senua, protagonist of Hellblade.

Obviously one of the first things to be done was to compare Lady Dimitrescu’s height to other great foes from previous Resident Evil and, well, let’s just say Nemesis and Mr. X have become a little less scary.

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For us these are some of the best Lady Dimitrescu memes that have appeared on networks in recent days, in relation to her great height. Have you discovered any that you liked? Do you think this character is going to continue giving so much to talk about? At the moment the most palpable thing we have of Resident Evil Village is the Demo Maiden of which we already tell you all its secrets.