The best memes of the triumph of River Plate with 10 men: Rojo and Battaglia, among those targeted


River Plate beat Talleres in Córdoba and took a big step towards the championship. With this victory, the Millionaire increased the advantage at the top to seven units of his escort, which is precisely the T, and nine from Boca Juniors and Lanús.

The cast of Marcelo Gallardo carried out a tough match at Mario Alberto Kempes, a scene where he was left with one man less after seven minutes of the game due to Felipe Peña Biafore’s shot, who arrived badly with both feet forward against Juan Ignacio Mendez, and referee Darío Herrera did not hesitate to show him the red card.

Despite this, the Millionaire took out his own love and ended up winning by 2 to 0 with goals from Robert Rojas and Braian Romero, after an excellent previous play by Julián Álvarez. And precisely, the Araña, who returned to be a figure and ratified his great presence in River Plate and with calls to the Argentine team, was one of the highlights on social networks.

Of course, Among the mockery also appeared the names of Marcos Rojo and Sebastián Battaglia, defender and coach of Boca Juniors. Twitter users, especially millionaire supporters, recalled the expulsion of the defender in the last Super classic played at the Monumental stadium and the phrase of the DT, who protested to the referee for having “conditioned” the match.

Next, the best memes left by the great triumph of River Plate in Córdoba:


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