The best offers of the double discounts of PS4 and PS5


A new series of discounts has been released on the PlayStation Store that returns for another year. This is one of the most interesting promotions on the platform, which will allow us to access a lot of discounted games that will have double the discount if we are subscribed to the PS Plus service. We review those that for us are the best offers of the double discounts of PS4 and PS5 that you should take advantage of before they end on March 3.

The best offers of the double discounts of PS4 and PS5

Here are all the PS Store deals, in case you want to take a look. Note that If you are a subscriber to the PS Plus service, you will have access to discounts that are even greater than those that apply as standard. We are going to take this into account to highlight the best offers of these double discounts in case you are subscribed, although otherwise you will also find the following titles reduced.

If you want to join the madness unleashed by one of the most successful games of recent years, this is the best time. Now more in vogue than ever with Arkadia and the work of streamers.

Confirming that the next generation version will arrive next March, it can be a good excuse to join the Avengers game.

Good discount also for the latest Star Wars game on the market, ideal if you also have PlayStation VR to take advantage of its virtual reality functions.

  • FIFA 21 by 69.99€ € 25.19 (64% discount)
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The best price seen for the latest installment of the EA Sports soccer simulator. This is the standard edition and is valid for PS4 and PS5.

  • God of War por 19.99€ € 9.99 (50% discount)

One of the best PS4 exclusive games now playable at 4K and 60 FPS on PS5. Half price, although remember that if you are a PS Plus member and have PS5 you can find it in the PS Collection at no additional cost.

Less than half its price for the latest Mortal Kombat installment. Great for fighting fans who keep receiving new content and updates.

  • F1 2020 by 69.99€ 27.99 € (60% discount)

Another fantastic opportunity to get the latest installment of the Formula 1 simulator. It has all the licenses of the sport from last year.

As we discussed in its analysis, ideal for golf lovers. If you had doubts or if you were waiting for a good opportunity, here you have it.

What to say about the latest Rockstar Games work. This wonderful game in its final version has a great discount, in case you have not yet lost yourself with Arthur in this open world.

If you are into racing and tuning, here you have one of the last exponents of the most famous franchise in recent years. Very good price.

If you already have the base game but want to spend a few more hours and visit New York again, the latest expansion of the game from Ubisoft Massive is at a better price than ever.

Classic among classics. A 60% discount for the special edition of one of the most successful games in the history of video games.

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Snow in video games for you? As we recommend in that report, SnowRunner is the best exponent in terms of vehicles. Let’s see if with this price and that premium edition you dare.

But if you prefer to drive in more controlled environments, circuits and races, you also have the third installment of this simulator at a fantastic price.

  • Dreams by 39.99€ 19.99 € (50% discount)

Get lost in the dreams created by its own players or create your own games with its limitless possibilities. If creativity is your thing, it is a must.

  • Days Gone por 69.99€ 20.99 € (70% discount)

Another of the exclusives that you can find with a spectacular discount. As with God of War, we remind you that if you have PS5 and are a PS Plus subscriber, you have it available at no cost in the PS Plus Collection.

If its latest update that incorporates pets has caught your attention, it is a good time to jump right into the Hello Games game that has changed a lot since its launch.

  • Far Cry 5 por 69.99€ € 16.79 (76% discount)

In the mood for Far Cry 6? What better way to prepare for what lies ahead than with the previous delivery with one of the biggest discounts found in the entire promotion.

Have you been convinced by any of the best deals on these double PS4 and PS5 discounts? Have you taken your wallet for a walk? Remember that this promotion is available from now and will be until next March 3.

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