The Big Door Prize: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know So Far


A machine called Morpho can show what a person is really capable of. Just put a coin in the slot and touch your hand to the Morpho’s touchscreen. It will spit out a card that reveals precisely what you could be. When the machine shows up in a grocery store in the small Louisiana town of Deerfield, the people can’t help but use it to find out what they’re really capable of. And that’s pretty much what The Big Door Prize, a comedy show on Apple TV+, is all about. This new Apple TV+ series is based on a best-selling book by M.O. Walsh of the same name. Given the success of the streaming service’s comedies like Ted Lasso, Schmigadoon, and The Afterparty, it’s probably safe to say that the show will be good.

The writer and executive producer of Schitt’s Creek, David West Read, is behind the new show, which makes us more and more enthusiastic to see it. The show also has a great cast, an interesting plot, and both comedic and dramatic moments. If that got your attention, keep reading to learn everything we know so far about The Big Door Prize.

The Big Door Prize: The Plot

Let’s take a moment to look at the storyline of Walsh’s book to get a better idea of what the TV show might be like. The Big Door Prize is about the people who live in the small Louisiana town of Deerfield. When the DNAMIX machine mysteriously shows up in the town’s grocery store, it changes their lives. Residents can take a DNA swab for just $2, and the DNAMIX machine will utilize the swab to tell them what they could do with their lives. As word gets around, people in the town start to change their jobs to match what the machine says they should do. Douglas Hubbard, the main character of the book, though he was happy with his life till the machine created him question everything.

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According to what we understand about the plot of the TV show, it seems to be very close to the book. The show will take place in a small town in Louisiana called Deerfield. When a mysterious machine that can change people’s futures shows up, it changes the lives of everyone in the town. The main character of Dusty, whose name in the book was changed from Douglas to Dusty, is a teacher and family man who lives a normal, unremarkable life. Dusty starts to question everything in his life, including if he is really happy when the machine shows up out of the blue and says it can tell a person’s fate.

The fact that The Big Door Prize is a TV show is one thing that works in its favor. Usually, when a book is turned into a movie, some plot points have to be left out or shortened to make the movie run faster. A TV series gives you more time to get to know the characters and explore the story. This is another possible way to go, but we won’t know how closely the show sticks to the book until it comes out. If it works, it could result in more well-known book series being turned into TV shows.

The Big Door Prize: Cast

As far as we know, the network hasn’t updated us on the cast of the new show yet. Because of this, we can’t give you a complete list of the actors and characters in the show. From what I’ve heard, the following people could be in The Big Door Prize. Take a look.

  • Chris O’Dowd as Dusty
  • Gabrielle Dennis as Cass
  • Damon Gupton as Father Reuben
  • Josh Segarra as Giorgio
  • Christian Adam as Trevor
  • Sammy Fourlas as Jacob
  • Djouliet Amara as Trina
  • Ally Maki as Hana
  • Crystal R. Fox as Izzy
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The Big Door Prize Release Date

The first 3 episodes of the season of The Big Door Prize will be released on Apple TV+ on March 29. After this, a new episode of the show will come out every Wednesday until the season ends on May 10. In all, there will be nine episodes in the first season.

The Big Door Prize Trailer

The first teaser for The Big Door Prize looks like an ad for Morpho, the machine that suddenly shows up in a small grocery store in Deerfield, Louisiana, and gives the people there a chance to find out what their true potential is. The trailer shows how the Morpho machine works. The process is quick, painless, and easy to do, but it’s easy to think it’s hard to do. You put in a coin and press down on the touchscreen. The Morpho then spits out a blue business card that tells you what you can do with your life.

The Morpho ad says, “Your life’s potential is in your hands.” Soon, word of Morpho’s powers spreads by word of mouth, and people give glowing reviews: “It tells you everything you need to know about why you are here on earth. One resident says, “Everyone is trying it.” Some people say, “This machine is checking. Mysterious. Magical. People have hope because of this. This machine shows people that there is more than one way to live their lives. Even though one resident says in a scary way, “It might be too good to be true,” Morpho will be too tempting to pass up. Even for people who are happy and have lived their lives for a long time, there is always the question of “what if” they had taken a different path. At the end of the teaser, there is a question: “What are you waiting for? “Just try it!”

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The Big Door Prize Production

Skydance Television and CJ ENM/Studio Dragon made “The Big Door Prize.” Read is the show’s creator and head producer. Skydance Television’s executive producers are David Ellison and Dana Goldberg. CJ ENM/Studio Dragon’s executive producers are Miky Lee, Young Kyu Kim, and Hyun Park. Bill Bost and Sarah Walker are also executive producers. The show is made by Anu Valia, Molly McGlynn, Todd Biermann, Jenée LaMarque, and Declan Lowney.